Reorganizing Furniture May Make You Love Your Space Again

Creative Design Ideas for a Fresh, New Look

Looking for fresh design ideas to give your space a stylish makeover? Sometimes all it takes is reorganizing furniture. Simply moving one or two pieces around the room, however, might not bring about the change you are looking for. The experts at Carrocel’s fine furniture store offer these decorating ideas to help you pull it off.

7 Easy Ways to Reorganize Your Bedroom, Living and Dining Room Furniture

  • Pull furniture away from the wall: Start with the biggest pieces of furniture in the room, such as the bed, dining table, Baker Bradford Sofa or Ralph Lauren Server. Remember that they don’t always have to be positioned against the wall, especially if you have the luxury of space. Try moving them to the centre of the room or position them diagonally. Then use this new placement as an anchor to work in your decorating ideas. Creating space around the furniture helps make small rooms look larger.
    Baker Bradford SofaFrench Hand Carved Louis XV Rococo Style Console
  • Let your seating face each other: It makes for a cozier and more intimate space as well as enables better conversation. Break away from the traditional U or L around the television or fireplace! Be creative and use the space in a different way, like creating mini rooms within the area. This is another smart technique to make a room look bigger.
  • Turn it around: If you don’t know where to start, begin by turning the furniture around 90˚ or 180˚. Consider drawing it out if you want to avoid unnecessary lifting and shifting. Just turning furniture around can help create an entirely new décor look.
  • Take out one piece: Less is more! Sometimes we have too much in the room and removing even one piece can make a big difference. See what furniture is not really needed or seems out of place and can be moved to another room.
  • Move accessories from room to room: Consider rotating some of your accessories like a Pair of French Louis XVI Accent Chairs, lamps, a Custom Made Regency Style Gold Leaf Mahogany Mirror or an area rug. These pieces are quite versatile and can dress up any room. See where they will have maximum impact.
    Pair of French Louis XVI Accent ChairsCustom Made Regency Style Gold Leaf Mahogany Mirror
  • Leave a space bare: If you are looking for that one stunning piece, don’t be afraid to leave a spot bare till you find it. Carrocel has a showroom full of vintage and modern furniture from all around the world for you to choose from.
  • Treat yourself to one new item: It can change the whole ambience and flavour of the room. Indulge in a stylish Vintage Mahogany Beacon Hill of Boston Original Breakfront, or elegant Dwell Studio Geometric Paneled Facade Credenza.
    Vintage Mahogany Beacon Hill of Boston Original BreakfrontDwell Studio Geometric Paneled Facade Credenzaa

Be Inspired by Our Display at the Carrocel Showroom

Carrocel Fine Furniture ShowroomCome to the Carrocel showroom in Toronto for design ideas. Our fine furniture store has many exciting displays and products to spark your imagination. Talk to our experienced staff; we will be happy to show you around as well as discuss your decorating ideas.

To check out our wide variety of living and dining room furniture, please visit our furniture showroom. Call us at 416-999-2525 for more information.

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