How to Add Vintage Furniture to Your Home

How to Add Vintage Furniture to Your HomeVintage Furniture in Toronto

You may feel particularly drawn to vintage items and desire to put pieces inspired by yesteryear into your home. However, you may also be nervous about achieving the right aesthetic and dynamic to match the ideas you have for the space or think that the pieces will look too outdated. For these thoughts and more, here are three simple things to keep in mind when adding vintage furniture items to a room.

  • Vintage Pieces Add Personality – A vintage furniture item will complement virtually any other décor style you have in your home while also adding a bit of your own personality to the space. While some vintage pieces are certainly much older and represent pieces from the Victorian era and older, other items are much more recent while still retaining the vintage stylings. If older vintage is not to your tastes, consider more recent pieces from the mid-century modern, art deco, and casual eras instead to get the vintage feel in a way that more suits you.
  • Vintage Furniture Can Inspire Good Memories – Whether you’ve picked up a vintage piece from a friend or family member, purchased it on a trip, or fell in love with it the moment you saw it, these items can bring back good memories of where, when, and from whom the piece was purchased or received. You may be reminded of your sightseeing vacation when you look at your favourite chair or remember a family member that has since passed whenever you see their dining table. These memories tie themselves to the furniture and help to make them special.
  • Old Pieces Can Make Other Décor Look New – Using vintage accessories like rugs, wall-hangings, decorative pieces, lighting and mirrors can help freshen up the look of your modern décor, so don’t be nervous about mixing old with new.

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