High-End Furniture Store Showroom Offers a Wide Array of Coffee Table Choices

Prior to enjoying a home-cooked meal in their dining room with family and/or friends, hosts will often invite their guests into the living room for cocktails and conversation; this scenario will often be repeated to serve coffee, dessert, and a liqueur after the meal. It is likely that some of the after-dinner conversation will focus on the lavishness of the meal as well as the fact that far too much delicious food was prepared and consumed.

However, this aura of fine dining and enjoying the pleasure of company can be diminished if the bar service must begin in the kitchen and/or the guests must hold their drink glasses at all times because there is insufficient furniture – primarily the lack of a coffee table or side tables – to display the bottles and glasses or to rest any drinks when not being consumed.

The addition or inclusion of high-end tables can add a dimension of elegance to entertaining guests in the living room, whether the homeowners are hosting a dinner party, a book club meeting, a special-occasion gathering, or almost any other reason for drinks, snacks, and conversation. Far from the days of purchasing a set of folding tables that could be stored in a corner or a closet, selecting the ideal coffee table and side tables for a living room needs extensive consideration.

There are multiple factors that should be included in any buying decisions for coffee tables and side tables; these will consist of the following:

  • Size – table height and length – to compliment sofa and chair sizes
  • Shape – to suit the room dimensions and allow space to walk around
  • Function – decorative, storage needs, ability to hold plates and glasses?
  • Material – wood, glass, or metal? formal, casual, modern, or traditional?
  • Style – fine lines or robust construction? antique, country/rustic, ornamental?
  • Flexibility – nesting tables/multiple small tables to host groups of varying sizes
  • Budget – set a price point that is comfortably affordable but not completely rigid

Once these factors and measurements have been taken into consideration, the next step in the decision-making process is physically shopping for the tables. And while this may sound like a tedious and time-consuming task, the process can be streamlined yet very productive by visiting the 20,000 square-foot showroom of Carrocel fine furniture, conveniently located on Bridgeland Avenue near the Yorkdale Mall in central Toronto.

In the Carrocel showroom, homeowners can contrast and compare a wide array of coffee tables and side tables to determine which options would be most appropriate for their home and for entertaining the families and friends.

An Extensive Selection of High-End Tables to Suit All Styles and Tastes

Based on their specific needs and preferences, Toronto homeowners looking for new living room tables may find it valuable to consult with the staff at Carrocel, one of the leading fine furniture stores in Toronto. Speaking with a Carrocel fine furniture specialist during a visit to the Carrocel showroom near Yorkdale Mall will provide the opportunity to view and assess an extensive selection of tables to suit all styles and tastes.

Some examples of the high-end living room tables on display in the Carrocel store include:

Side Tables

Round French Art Deco Tiered Side TableLucite Side Table with Geometric Sculptural BaseWaterfall Lucite Side TableZ-Shaped Acrylic Side Table, Attributed to John MascheroniLarge Petrified Wood Slab Accent Table

Cocktail Tables and Commodes

1970s Polished Chrome and Brass Cocktail TableDouble Lucite Demilune Pedestal Cocktail Table1970s Stunning Lucite Cocktail TableX-Base Polished Chrome Rectangular Cocktail Table
Custom Grey and White Eight Drawer Antique Mirrored Commode1960s Burled Wood Polished Brass and Glass CredenzaCustom Macassar Ebony Round Modern Cocktail Table

For professional insight on the ideal coffee table and side tables for entertaining guests in your living room, call the high-end furniture specialists at the Carrocel fine furniture store today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation. You also have an open invitation to stop by our 20,000 square-foot showroom at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto and view our variety of high-end tables at your leisure and convenience.

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