Furniture Styles Continued

Louis XVI

This style dawned the age of neoclassicism and was modeled an on idealistic view of ancient Rome. Despite the use of elaborate inlays and ormolu mounts the basic shape is rigid and square, unlike the rococo or Louis XV which flows all over the place. The cabriole leg disappears and is replace by a more straight leg. Apart from brass mounts and classical carving, the surface is flat and decorations takes the form of geometrical marquetry.

Antique Sideboards

French Provincial

This style draws plenty of inspiration from the patterns of Louis XV. As is often the case with country furniture, designs were simplified and nonessentials removed so that the end result is often more appealing to modern taste than the original elaborate source. The armoire (wardrobe) sums up French provincial, with its blunted and flattened use of rococo forms that surround and complement large areas of unadorned paneling.

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