Furniture Styles Continued

Federal Style

This design originated in America during the Federal age after the Revolution in the 18th century. The most important development was the sideboard while the dressing table and high chest disappeared. Duncan Phyfe was one of the most famous cabinet makers during this age. He used rich mahogany from Cuba and combined it with precision-cut veneered panels of satinwood and rosewood. Bellflower, geometric, and eagle shield inlays, decorative motifs and hardware were popularize during his age. For what it’s worth, it’s my favourite style of furniture!

Here are some examples:



Antique Sideboards

Antique Mahogany and Satinwood Federal Style Sideboard

Antique Furniture Toronto

Empire Style

Like a lot of other styles, this 19th century design drew upon neoclassical views of Rome, Greece, and Egypt. It was dominated by straight rigid lines and also eliminated almost all curving elements. It is noted for its use of smooth round columns of bronze or ebony as a major architectural ornamental feature. Carvings were rarely used except in the gold bronze appliques that were applied to accentuate the columns. Flat surfaces and marble tops were popular as well as the use of walnut and mahogany. Another pronounced feature of the Empire style was its focus on symmetry. Everything, even to the smallest detail, had to be in perfect balance to the right and left of centre.


Antique Commodes

Antique French Empire Marble Top Commode

Antique Chairs

Antique French Empire Flamed Mahogany Desk Arm Chair

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