Furniture Repair Takes A Lot More Than A Quick Patch-Up


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Antique furniture is not like your garden variety furniture you find at big box stores—it is unique; therefore, the care and repair is equally unique. Before you try furniture repairs on your antique pieces, consider these tips and evaluate whether or not you should call in a professional.

Things To Consider When Performing Antique Furniture Repairs

  • Research The Piece You Are About To Repair: What era is it from? What materials and techniques were used to create it? Find out the value of the item as well. If the item is worth thousands, it is best to hire a professional for the repair or restoration process. If the item is not of very high monetary value, you may want to repair it on your own.
  • Assess The Damage: Some of the flaws in your antique furniture are actually what make the item valuable. In fact, some antiques hold their value regardless of the finish or their condition.
  • Preserve Original Hardware: While conducting your own furniture repair, do not discard the original hardware; some of these items are worth more than the furniture piece itself.
  • Do Not Automatically Strip The Varnish: While badly worn or discolored varnish should be removed, some antique furniture items use shellac. Shellac should be restored or left in the condition it is in.
  • Do Not Repair The Wood Unless It Is Damaged By Insects Or Wear: Antique furniture is often made from solid wood such as oak, cherry, teak, etc. and requires special handling. Soft woods, for example, are more easily damaged than hard woods.

Fine antique furniture repairs and restorations should be left to the professionals for the best results. A professional restoration company can assess the type of wood, finish and damage to your piece. They can preserve what makes your antique valuable and repair it so that it is adds value to your home. While antique furniture cannot be made to look like “new”, it can be properly repaired so that it maintains and gains value each year. Carrocel furniture store can help you with your furniture repairs.

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2 Response(s) for “Furniture Repair Takes A Lot More Than A Quick Patch-Up

  • Zachary Tomlinson says:

    Your comment to not repair wood furniture unless it is damaged by insects or wear. I don’t think people put enough worth to antique wood furniture. I mean, those things were crafted to last, and last beautifully. I’m looking for someone to repair the upholstery on one of my old chairs.

  • Callum Palmer says:

    I agree, there is a lot that you have to take into consideration when choosing to get your furniture repaired. One of the factors that I particularly like that you brought up is researching the furniture that needs repair. After all, depending on whether the furniture has upholstery or is made of wood you’re going to need a very different repair service.

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