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There is very little doubt that movie celebrities, music icons, and members of royal families can have a significant influence on fashion trends around the world.  Sunglasses, handbags, shoe and boot styles, and even clothing patterns and colours have been inspired/swayed by scenes in a major motion picture, a single music video, or photos taken by the paparazzi.

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Beyond the prompting of fashion trends, many feature films, live concert performances, and photo shoots have also played an influential role in the décor of homes, offices, and lobbies. How? Through furniture styles chosen by the set designers and production designers tasked with creating the background sets, stages, and locations for these performances or events.

Without delving into specifics, there have been several instances where furniture and accent styles became rather fashionable after appearing in popular movies, magazines, and stage productions.  Such examples have included, to name but a few:

  • Rustic dining tables
  • Large leather couches
  • Dark wood accent pieces
  • Heavily-saturated colours
  • Linen-upholstered footstools
  • Vintage sofas and bedroom suites

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For set designers and production designers of movies, television shows or series, and stage performances in Toronto and Montreal, there is an opportunity to establish the same type of influence with their viewing audiences and beyond as well – through the furniture and prop rentals made available at Carrocel fine furniture.  Carrocel offers an exceptional selection of furniture and accessories to help designers and their crews create film and stage sets from essentially any era; the Carrocel artisans can also custom-manufacture furniture pieces to present a particularly challenging, rare, or unique production background.

Carrocel ShowroomCrews from Toronto, Montreal, or other production locations can gain an appreciation for the scope of Carrocel’s furniture and prop rental inventory by visiting their 20,000 square-foot showroom, located near the Yorkdale Mall in central Toronto, and browsing lifestyle displays ranging from classic vintage to mid-century modern to contemporary styles.

For more information on the collection of furniture pieces, suites, and accessories on display in the Carrocel showroom, please visit our Showroom.

The Ideal Furniture and Props to Create the Perfect Set for Your Production

furniture prop rentalsMovie and stage set designers and production designers in search of furniture/prop rentals with a unique flair and breathtaking style need look no further than Carrocel fine furniture.  All Carrocel products and accessories are made with the highest-quality craftsmanship, seen in the following array of options available for rent by movie, television, and stage production companies:

  • Fine Art – canvases of various styles, colours, and sizes
  • Vintage Accessories – mirrors, lighting, and much more
  • Elegant Fine Furniture
  • Exclusive Carrocel Designs – created by in-house artisans

To learn more about Carrocel’s furniture and prop rentals for movies, television, and stage, go to our Movie Set & TV Show Furniture Rentals page.

Looking for the ideal furniture and props to create the perfect set for your movie, television, or stage production?  Call Carrocel fine furniture today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to discuss our furniture rental services.

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