Examining the Characteristics of Regency Style Furniture

Consider the Enduring Appeal of Regency Furniture for Your Toronto Home

Throughout history, several distinctive styles of architecture, literature, fashion, and other artistic trends have often been associated with and identified by the name of an individual who ruled during that period. In terms of furniture, many eras have been recognized in this manner, including Queen Anne, Victorian, and Louis XIV to name but a few; and although a majority of the original pieces from these eras may no longer be available, the styles remain highly popular today through custom reproductions.

Another type of furniture that continues to have considerable appeal today is Regency style furniture. The Regency era is commonly defined as spanning a period of approximately 40 years, from 1795 to 1837, and encompasses the reign of the Prince Regent of Great Britain. The Prince Regent ruled as the proxy for his father, King George III, until the King’s death in 1820, upon which time the Prince assumed the throne as King George IV.

The Regency period was one of great cultural refinement and achievement in Great Britain and has been credited with altering and shaping the societal structure of the entire country. One such influence was evident in the design and manufacture of Regency furniture, which incorporated the motivations and inspirations of the Prince Regent with foreign designs from the ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian cultures.

Consequently, Regency style furniture can be recognized via the following characteristics:

  • Dark, heavy wood – mahogany, rosewood, zebrawood
  • Extensive brass inlays and gilded metal accents/mounts
  • Column-shaped, concave-shaped, or X-shaped chair legs
  • Applied decorations – often female masks and lion masks
  • Paw-shaped feet, covered in metal, on table and chair legs
  • Carved rosettes (stylized flower designs) and laurel wreaths
  • Brass or bronze knob-like handles on cabinet doors/drawers

Among the many popular pieces of furniture during the Regency period were dining chairs; this remains a well-regarded style of dining room chairs with furniture aficionados today due to such design elements as:

  • Straight or curvilinear (rounded) lines
  • Concave or saber-shaped front/back legs
  • Arms that are high-set on the back uprights
  • Broad and flat top (or crest) rails of chair backs
  • Uprights and legs finished in animal heads or feet

Indeed, regency furniture offers a timeless quality that will appeal to discriminating Toronto homeowners; an impressive collection of Regency style furniture, including dining chairs and dining tables, is available from the Carrocel fine furniture store, located near Yorkdale Mall.

A Striking Selection of Regency Chairs, Tables, Accents for Sale in Our Showroom

Homeowners, interior designers, and collectors looking to acquire various pieces of Regency style furniture might want to visit the Carrocel fine furniture store in Toronto, conveniently located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue.

The Carrocel showroom includes 20,000 square feet of display space and contains a striking selection of Regency furniture such as:

  • Dining tables
  • Dining chairs (sets)
  • Mahogany accent tables
  • Wardrobes and armoires
  • Chaise lounges and side chairs
  • Mirrors, étagères, and much more

A cross-section of the exquisite inventory of Regency style dining chairs, dining tables, and accessory pieces currently for sale in the Carrocel furniture store showroom includes:

  • Set of 4 hillock dining side chairs
  • Greek key mirrored facade wardrobe
  • Hollywood regency style cocktail table
  • Lucite glass cocktail table manner lion frost
  • Vintage fluted column chrome glass etagere
  • Lucite glass accent table style alessandro albrizzi
  • Hollywood regency style round glass cocktail table
  • Custom made regency style gold leaf mahogany mirror
Set of 4 hillock dining side chairsLucite glass cocktail table manner lion frostHollywood regency style cocktail tableGreek key mirrored facade wardrobeVintage fluted column chrome glass etagereCustom made regency style gold leaf mahogany mirrorHollywood regency style round glass cocktail tableLucite glass accent table style alessandro albrizzi

For more complete information on the collection of Regency furniture currently on display in the Carrocel store, access the links noted above or visit their 20,000 square-foot showroom near the Yorkdale Mall in central Toronto.

Looking for a Regency style dining table, set of dining chairs, or accent piece to enhance the appeal of your home décor? Call the vintage furniture specialists at Carrocel fine furniture today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation at your convenience.

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