European Beech vs. North American Beech Wood

European beech is a wonderful wood. All of our newly made chairs are made in Italy from European beech and so this makes it an important topic for us and our customers alike. For starters, it’s necessary to make the distinction between North American and European beech as they are different despite originating from the same family. In fact, there are several differences between the two, however, for our purposes we’ll simply focus on their properties and uses.

They are both classified as hardwoods but their appearance and workability are not quite the same. For instance, North American beech is mostly a reddish brown and has a considerable colour variation between boards. The grain is usually very straight, closed, and much coarser than European beech. It is often used in flooring as it wears well and stays smooth when under repeated friction in high-traffic areas. It is also a brilliant shock-absorbing wood but can be difficult to work with using hand-tools but is very efficient with machines.

Beech from across the pond, on the other hand, is known for its light orangey-tan colour and its fine grain which offers a distinct contemporary appearance. This light coloured look makes it ideal for a wide range of stains and finishes. It is also a very strong wood and is extremely shock-absorbent like its North American counterpart. In terms of its workability, it is ideal for furniture as works with machines and hand-tools alike very well. Its easy and clean to plane, rout, sand, carve, and bend. More specifically, European beech takes very well to gluing and nailing. Moreover, it is excellent over time as it is resistant to compression and splitting. It is virtually a wood than can do anything other than heavy structural support.

European beech is ideal for use in home furnishing and interior design projects. Here at Carrocel furniture store located in Toronto close to Yorkdale Mall, we only get finest beech chairs from Italy with the comforting knowledge that the wood is perfect to meet the high-expectations that we set for ourselves and our customers have grown accustom to receiving.

Solid Beech Wood Raw Frames

Italian Solid Beech Wood Raw Frames

Solid Beech Wood Regency Dining Chairs

Set of Six Solid Beech Wood Regency Dining Chairs

Pair of Black Leather Solid Italian Beech Parlor Arm Chairs

Pair of Black Leather Solid Italian Beech Parlor Arm Chairs

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