Factors to Consider When Choosing Display Cabinets for Your Home

Several Factors Can Influence Your Choice of Home Display Cabinets

Many people are known to their families and friends as occasional hobbyists, individuals who like to allocate some spare time to pursuits that provide an opportunity to escape daily work habits and routines. For some, this may include leisure activities like reading or listening to music, while others may find enjoyment in various collectibles markets such as:

  • Rare books
  • Vinyl records
  • China tea cups
  • Plates/glassware
  • Toys and figurines
  • Sports memorabilia

Whether these interests are pursued purely for relaxation, as diversionary stimuli, or maybe for investment purposes, they tend to have one common aspect – amassing and cataloguing an inventory that can become rather substantial in both its size and value after many years. And although these individuals will likely have considerable pride in what/how much they have accumulated over time, if the truth be told, much if not all of these items are probably stored in boxes, drawers, or binders rather than being on display somewhere in their home.

EJ Victor BookcaseIf the above is in fact the case, it eliminates a component of satisfaction for the owner, as it prevents them from openly viewing and appreciating the fruits of their labours, so to speak, whenever they wish to do so; it also removes a potential topic of conversation when family and friends come to visit unless the owner is willing to retrieve their collection from storage.

Fortunately, such circumstances can be overcome or avoided through the purchase of home display cabinets from the Carrocel fine furniture store near Yorkdale Mall in central Toronto. Browsing the Carrocel showroom, homeowners can view and compare a collection of display cabinets designed to address and satisfy a wide range of needs and preferences.

When shopping for home display cabinets, there are several dynamics that should be taken into consideration as part of the decision-making process; these consist of the following:

  • Size – this will depend on item size/design and the number of pieces
  • Shape – to suit the room dimensions and the space/area being allocated
  • Style – shadow box, open shelving, glass and/or solid doors? any drawers?
  • Material – based on item weight – all wood, wood and glass, metal and glass?
  • Lighting Options – to accent certain types of items; proximity to power outlet?
  • Other Options – wall-mount, free-standing, table-top, mode of access, security?

Once these factors have been deliberated, the buyer will be able to focus their efforts on the display cabinets that fit their home and their collection; it may also be worthwhile to consult with an expert from Carrocel to ensure that all facets are covered before a decision is made.

An Impressive Collection of Home Display Cabinets in Various Sizes and Styles

Meeting with one of Carrocel’s fine furniture specialists during a visit to their 20,000 square-foot showroom provides an opportunity to assess an impressive collection of home display cabinets in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials.

Some examples of the exquisite display and storage cabinets in Carrocel’s current inventory include:

Lucite and Glass Curio CabinetMastercraft Demi lune Display VitrineGeorgian Style Breakfront Display CabinetPair of EJ Victor Bookcases

To find the ideal display cabinets or storage cabinets for your home, Call the fine furniture experts at Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or Contact us to arrange a convenient time to visit our showroom, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto.

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