Discovering Your Furniture Style

Furniture StyleDiscovering Your Furniture Style

There are many different styles of furniture available, and it can be hard to decide which you like best. Thinking about other people’s homes and the furniture they have can be a good place to start establishing what you do and don’t like, and home décor books will also provide guidance. Here is a brief overview of a few styles to give you a better understanding of what to look for and what may suit you.

  • TraditionalTraditional furniture is often considered to be simple and homey. It tends to have neutral colours, matte fabric, and may also have floral patterns. They look right in any setting and are comfortable.
  • Casual – Casual furniture offers a more modern look than traditional furniture while retaining the same level of comfort. They are frequently oversized and overstuffed, making use of natural and neutral colours such as beige, grey, blues and whites. Wooden pieces are often made of soft woods and can look chunky to stay with the overall theme.
  • Contemporary – The contemporary style utilizes a variety of materials including glass, wood, stone and metal. It incorporates bold and bright colours and geometric and animal print patterns. The furniture tends to be straight-forward and doesn’t include extra details like pleats or tassels.
  • Formal – Formal furniture often includes antiques and is based on significant furniture trends from history. There are many details, including carvings and the designs are very symmetrical. Dark wood with glossy finishes and tall intricate pieces are a trademark of this style. Elegant fabrics including silk, velvet and brocade styles and intricate details are often used.
  • Asian – Asian style furniture is increasing in popularity. While there are many styles within the overall theme, many of them share common themes. Bamboo and other exotic woods are used most often, and pieces are designed to be low to the ground. The country of origin will determine the ornamentation used for each piece, including the hardware, painting, symbolism and material.
  • Retro – Retro furniture uses designs and colours popular in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Typical colours include orange, dark brown, green and blue.

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