Decorating Advice to Help Brighten the Interior of Your Home

Our Interior Design Experts Can Offer a Wealth of Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

Table Lamps and Light FixturesAlthough it may not seem to be the case upon first glance, people do spend a fair bit of time in their home. Despite their busy work and social schedules, family responsibilities, and the lists of errands and other activities that can fill any given day, the common rallying point, so to speak, is the sanctuary of one’s home.

Living Room FurnitureHow that time-at-home is actually allocated is of course at the discretion of the homeowner. However, they may not be aware that the degrees of happiness, enjoyment, and relaxation they draw from being at home can be adversely affected by the actual décor throughout the home; this is particularly true when the interior colour scheme is predominantly darker.

There can be several reasons why the interior of a home could be rather dark in its nature, including but not limited to:

  • The decorating tastes of the previous owners
  • Previous decorating tastes of the current owners
  • More mature trees now limiting the entry of sunlight
  • Orientation of the home/windows in relation to the sun
  • Little natural light in lofts/basements made into home offices

Whatever the reason, there are several ways that homeowners can brighten up their home in an effort to stimulate one or more of the following positive feelings/emotions:

  • Comfort
  • Romance
  • Happiness
  • Safety/Security
  • Pride of Ownership

Lighting and AccessoriesBy collaborating with the interior design experts at the Carrocel fine furniture store, Toronto area residents can discover a wealth of furniture, accessory, and interior decorating ideas that are sure to brighten up any rooms, entranceways, hallways, or recessed spaces in their homes; here are a few of Carrocel’s recommendations to resolve issues with dark interiors:

  • Select furniture that is lighter in colour (wood and fabric) and less bulky in size
  • Choose accent furniture with acrylic or mirrored surfaces and/or metallic finishes
  • Convert to a colour scheme that is predominantly white or neutral rather than bold
  • Incorporate table lamps and light fixtures that will help supplement any natural light
  • Avoid any pieces of dark-coloured artwork, particularly in smaller rooms or hallways
  • Add mirrors to reflect light and create the illusion of more space in rooms, entrances
  • Use matte finishes (walls, furniture surfaces) to help reflect light versus create a glare
  • Consider open shelving instead of heavy cabinets with solid doors (and be minimalistic)

For more home decorating advice/tips or to arrange a consultation with the interior design experts at Carrocel.

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Study Table SetThe Carrocel furniture store, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall, offers an exquisite inventory of furniture and accessories for sale to help brighten up any rooms or spaces in a home.   This impressive portfolio is all on display onsite, in Carrocel’s 20,000 square-foot showroom, where customers can compare and contrast furniture and accents in a range of designs, colours, and finishes to satisfy their specific needs and tastes.

The Carrocel collection currently for sale has everything that homeowners will need to help brighten up their home, including:

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