Creating the Perfect Dining Space in A Condo

When you think about condos, you often think of modern design, contemporary furniture and décor, and more compact spaces. Because of this, creating the perfect dining room in a condo requires you to be careful about choosing furniture. Each item needs to be functional but also seamlessly blend with the space.

You want your dining room to be a beautiful, functional, and comfortable space where you spend quality time with friends and loved ones. Furniture designers understand that an attractive dining room is as important as any other room in your home. They have created beautiful furniture, including dining tables, chairs, bar stools, and décor. Finding what works best for you can help you create a uniquely comfortable and stunning space in your condo.

Inspiration for Creating Dining Spaces in Condos

Compact Dining Chairs

When choosing dining chairs for a condo, you want to avoid bulky seating by going for compact chairs that maximize the space available. Rolling chairs and stackable chairs are excellent choices as they give you flexibility and allow you to save space. Make sure you take measurements to guide you on the optimal size and number of dining chairs for your condo.

Use Art and Décor to Separate

Most condos have one large living room area that makes it difficult to separate your living room from your dining room area. Using a variety of artwork and design choices on the surrounding walls, you can help distinguish the dining area as its own space. You can also choose to put down a rug under the table to define the room or even have floating shelves with plants or wine glasses. Having a mirror on the nearest wall is also a great way to carve out the space and making it feel bigger.

Embrace Nooks, Windows, and Corners

Due to the fact that condos are typically smaller than most homes, traditional design rules do not always work. In most cases, you will have to break these rules, but the result will still be spectacular. One traditional rule is not to block windows and doors, however, if you have a sliding glass door or floor to ceiling windows, you can place the table, chairs, or stools along them. In nooks and against windows, you can use L shaped benches to save space and eliminate the need for chairs.

Explore Tables

Dining tables are available in a wide range of sizes. However, even the smaller size tables can be too large for your condo. Instead, consider straying from the traditional idea of a dining table and opt for a bar table. They are usually slim, narrow, and ideal for one or two bar stools to fit comfortably. This allows you to still have a dedicated dining area without being tied to the bulky four-person dining table.

Wood or Metal – What’s Better for Dining Rooms?

Wood Dining Furniture

Solid wood is a classic material for furniture, particularly traditional furniture. That said, modern furniture designers are also now using solid wood to create trendy dining room furniture. Although solid wood pieces can often be quite expensive, particularly dining tables, they are also stunning and long-lasting. One thing to note is that wood might show its age sooner than you would like in a high traffic area due to scratches or uneven wear.

You can also choose to have pieces with veneers as an alternative to solid wood. Provided the furniture has a good core interior and uniform finish, these items are a great, cost-effective choice.

Metal Dining Furniture

There are several types of metal used to construct modern dining furniture. Typically, they are used mainly for table bases and less often for tops. However, you can occasionally find a steel tabletop that complements any industrial look. Metal legs offer several benefits over wood, mainly due to their resiliency. They are not susceptible to temperatures or humidity, making them last longer while being cheaper than solid wood.

Today, there are also a wide variety of modern metal dining chairs with unique designs, fabrics, and colours that work great with any interior design.

Mix and Match for Your Perfect Space

The final decision of whether to use metal or wood dining furniture comes down to your style and budget. By tastefully mixing wood and metals, such as a wood dining table with metal legs and dining chairs, you can create a truly unique space that is functional and perfectly suited to your tastes and style.

Tips for Buying the Right Condo Furniture

Don’t Purchase Anything Right Away

Buying a new home is very exciting. It sparks your imagination and can have you planning everything you want to do with the space. However, it’s important to reign in that excitement so you don’t end up purchasing something you will regret later or making too many off the cuff purchases. Spend some time living there to learn what you truly need and what will work best in the space.

Measure the Space

Condos tend to be smaller, so you want to be careful with furniture sizes. This means you may have to compromise on certain things, such as an elegant ten-person dining table. To know what works for your space, be sure to measure and bring those results and a ruler to any furniture store before you make a purchase.

Only Get What is Necessary

When you walk into a furniture showroom, you are immediately presented with many options. There is something for every room in your home, from dining tables to chairs, console tables to buffets, and more. It is easy to get enticed by the selection and buy unnecessary pieces for an already limited space. Ideally, prepare a list of the most important items you need to guide you. If you still have room in your home and your budget afterwards, you can then consider the extra pieces.

Look for Multi-Purpose Furniture

With the limited space available, it helps if your furniture can fulfil several functions. These are known as multi-functional, double function or multi-purpose furniture. For example, consider a sofa with a built-in table or a wheeled cart that serves as both a display and a way to transport food from the kitchen. This will help you maximize your space.

Furnish Your Condo’s Dining Space with Carrocel

Condos are growing in popularity across Canada. Although the limited space presents a challenge when furnishing, it also gives you an opportunity to re-discover your style and explore your creative side as you find beautiful pieces that fit harmoniously in your condo and maximize the space available. At Carrocel, we have a wide selection of dining furniture pieces to meet your space constraints, style preferences, and budget. Visit our showroom or give us a call to learn more.

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