Create an Ambience by Adding Vintage Details to Your Sitting Room

Add Vintage Details to your Sitting Room for an Ambiance

No matter how chic your modern furniture may look, there is nothing more elegant than a living room with vintage details and fine custom designed furniture. Creating that gorgeous, elegant space neither takes as much work nor a complete redo of your décor style. Sometimes all you need to do is add a few pieces of custom designed furniture or accents to bring it all together.

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Décor Ideas from the Experts at Carrocel

To give your sitting room a more elegant, vintage feel, there are some simple ideas you can incorporate, such as:

  • Add Accent ChairsAccent seating is common in a vintage sitting room. When selecting your pieces, look for pairs of chairs that can be placed comfortably on each side of the couch. For example, a pair of mahogany, leather wing chairs pair perfectly with a vintage-style couch or distressed French-style chairs.
  • Incorporate a Display Cabinet Display cabinets are a common fixture in vintage sitting rooms as well. You can choose a natural wood finish, such as French mahogany or use a distressed ivory Neoclassical display. These not only offer additional decoration, but can work very well as additional storage.
  • Add Cushions Cushions or pillows make a room more inviting. When chosen correctly, they can add a touch of elegance and make for a cozier sitting room. Choose pillows that are big enough for resting upon, soft and large – at least 22 inches or more.
  • Vintage Fabrics To take your room back to a vintage time, use vintage inspired fabrics to reupholster your furniture or even create throw pillows and blankets.
  • Select Ornate Furniture Items Vintage furniture is artistic and unique. From French-style coffee tables to dark mahogany sideboards, the more ornate the pieces, the more elegant your living room will appear.

Buying Vintage Furniture?

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Finding those perfect vintage details can be challenging. You will want to find a retailer that offers restored, antique furniture and custom-designed furniture pieces that you can easily incorporate into your home. Carrocel has a full inventory of tables, chairs and sofas that can transform your sitting room into something truly extraordinary.

For a wide range of sitting room furniture, please visit our showroom. Give us a call at 416-999-2525 for more information.

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