Create a Home Office with Mid-Century Modern Furniture

With more people working from home today, a home office is a crucial part of any house. That is why you must ensure that your home office is practical and functional. You want a working space that is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and will make you more productive and excited to work from home. Decorating your office with mid-century modern furniture pieces can be an enjoyable project.

Why You Should Choose Modern Furniture

Having stylish modern furniture pieces in your home office is an excellent way of expressing yourself and your lifestyle. You can create a unique space with mid-century modern furniture designs, and great quality fabrics, materials, and colours make the pieces stand out.

Modern Furniture Ideas for Your Home Office

Wood Desk

Choose a warm-toned wooden desk with long, tapered legs to create a great mid-century modern office. These desks are built to last, making them great furniture investments. Desks with adequate storage space and a simple design will elevate the look and feel of your office space. Opt for a solid wood desk with a smooth surface and drawer pulls rather than knobs.


Mid-century modern furniture is famous for its warm brown tones. However, you can find bursts of desaturated colours such as dark red, mustard yellow, and teal. Choosing an orange office chair and a yellow table lamp can make your home office warm and attractive. Most mid-century modern furniture pieces are also full of storage and extremely practical.

Eames Lounge Chair

The Eames lounge chair is a significant feature in many mid-century modern offices. These chairs are meant for working or relaxing and can enhance the aesthetic value of the room.

Abstract Art

The mid-century period has many options for abstract art, from Mark Rothko to Henri Matisse. Adding a unique abstract piece can help enhance the appearance of your office and be a great conversation starter.

Modular Wall Unit

Modular wall units or shelving systems are a symbol of mid-century shelving. These wall shelving pieces are perfect for office storage and provide an ideal space for storing office supplies and files in the home office.

Panton S Chair

Designed by Verner Panton, a Danish furniture designer, the Panton S chair quickly became a popular furniture piece in many homes during the mid-century period. The Panton S chair is a timeless and versatile furniture piece that complements any home office.


Minimalism design was a significant part of the mid-century era, especially in home offices. Nothing in the home office should be too attention-grabbing or too complex. For a truly authentic look, keep your furniture and décor piece simple and embrace minimalism.

Vintage Touches

Consider decorating with unique pieces such as vintage office accessories or fountain pens to give your space some mid-century characteristics. You can often find vintage furniture and accessories from most modern furniture stores.

Geometric Patterns

In the mid-century era, textile designers were fascinated with geometric prints and patterns. This is unlike the past, where intricate drawings and shapes were used on textiles. The shift to triangles, rectangles, and circles exuded a new design simplicity that had never been seen before. An easy way to add geometric patterns to your home office is by incorporating a geometric rug that pairs well with your furniture.

Dark and Woodsy

Mid-century home offices also feature a lot of dark and wooden elements. This can be achieved by painting a black accent wall or incorporating vintage pieces such as a brown wooden desk and a leather side chair in darker shades.


For those with a small space, look for mid-century desks that can serve different functions. Versatile pieces will help you maintain a minimalistic design and prevent you from having a cluttered space.

Explore Our Mid-Century Modern Furniture for Your Home Office

A home office is essential for people running their businesses or working remotely. At Carrocel, we have a wide selection of mid-century home office furniture pieces that boost your comfort and enhance your productivity. Our home office furniture pieces emphasize practicality and optimum functionality, not just bringing the mid-century design into your space. Our clean and modern home office furniture designs utilize neutral and warm accents to help you achieve a unique look.

At Carrocel, our artisans have the skills and experience to help you pick furniture pieces that reflect your style and complement the existing décor in your home. Whether you want designs that purely fall under the mid-century era or wish to blend other furniture designs for a completely new look, we are happy to assist you. Contact us today and explore our 20,000-square-foot modern furniture showroom to transform your home office.

Mid-Century Modern Black Leather Swivel Office Chair by Stow and Davis

  • Mid-Century Modern Black Leather Swivel Office Chair by Stow and DavisNewly upholstered in black Italian leather
  • Stainless steel base
  • Mid-Century Modern Black Leather Swivel Office Chair by Stow and Davis

Modern Curved Black Leather Writing Desk by Nancy Corzine Fusion Desk

Restored Vintage Mid-Century Modern Tufted Sofa in Cream Faux Leather

  • Restored Vintage Mid-Century Modern Tufted Sofa in Cream Faux LeatherCream faux leather with loose cushions and tufted seat detailing
  • Sleek stainless steel frame
  • Restored Vintage Mid-Century Modern Tufted Sofa in Cream Faux Leather

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