Consider the Craftsmanship of Professional Furniture Reupholstery

furniture reupholstery

Most consumers do not realize the costs or the benefits of furniture reupholstery. If you have an outdated piece of furniture or just an item that needs its upholstery refreshed, there are a few things you will want to consider; most importantly, whether or not you should invest in a professional doing the job for you.

A Quality Piece Requires Quality Furniture Reupholstery

If you have a well-built piece of furniture or even a vintage furniture piece, it is something that is worth investing in. From droopy seat cushions to torn fabric, these degrade the value of your furniture. While you could reupholster them yourself, if it does not hold or is done incorrectly, you will not add any value. A professional can reupholster and make your furniture look as though it came with that fabric or material, thus enhancing its appearance and of course, its value.

Also, professionals can do repairs that most DIY folks cannot; such as repairing worn out springs, fixing the frame of the chair and finding quality fabric to match the piece.

Tips for Hiring a Professional for Furniture Reupholstery

Whether you are reupholstering dining chairs or an entire couch, you want to ensure you pick a company that is suitable for the job. Some ways to ensure you are hiring the best include:

  • SpecialityMany furniture stores offer this service, but they do not specialize in it. Instead, it may be a side job they dabble in from time to time. Look for a furniture store that specializes in restoration and reupholstering furniture. That will mean they have experts on staff that can handle the job well.
  • List What You Are Looking For To ensure you get the job done right the first time, make sure you list what you expect from the reupholstering, what style you are trying to match or even bring in a swatch.
  • Ask to See Finished Work While visiting the shop, ask them about recently finished pieces and look them over yourself. If they do not have anything on the showroom floor, ask to see what is currently in progress.
  • Ask About their Process Check to see what process they use for their reupholstering service. Do they just remove the old cover, but not repair? Or, are they a full-service reupholsterer that can repair damaged frames, springs and fully restore your piece?

Furniture Reupholstery Requires an Expert

Carrocel luxury furniture store can help you breathe new life into your furniture. Whether you have a vintage dining room set or you just want to reupholster a unique flea market find, our professionals can help.

If you need furniture reuphosltery services, contact Carrocel by dialing 416-999-2525 or visit our showroom to see samples of our recently finished reupholstered works.

4 Response(s) for “Consider the Craftsmanship of Professional Furniture Reupholstery

  • Christian Olesen says:

    Dear Carrocel:
    I have 8 dining room chairs that are upholstered in fabric (both the seats and the backs). I would like to re-upholster them in leather (both the seats and the backs). It is the chairs for the Chadwell dining set.
    Is it possible to have these chairs re-upholstered in leather (both the seats and the backs)?
    Thank you.
    Christian Olesen

    1. Carrocel Interiors says:

      Hello and thank you for the inquiry.

      Please email [email protected] with photos of your items to begin your quote process today.

      Thank you, Carrocel.

  • Angie dueck says:

    Could I get a rough price and time frame of how long it would take to re-upolster 2 reclining chairs?

    Could you contact me

    1. Carrocel Interiors says:

      Hello and thank you for your interest in our services. At this time we are no longer offering reupholstery services on reclining chairs. We still offer these services on any other upholstered item but recliners and pullout sofas are not pieces we service. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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