Carrocel Fully Caters To The Unique Needs Of Interior Designers And Their Clients

Designers are most welcome to visit our 20,000 square-foot Carrocel furniture store’s showroom in Toronto, where you will experience exceptional high-end original and custom furniture curated from around the world, on full display and readily available to meet such needs and tastes of your client such as:

Custom Furniture

For those clients who may have alternative needs/interests, our skilled artisans are pleased to provide their insight and expertise through the following services:

Restoration of existing pieces or suites

  • Repair, re-upholstery, and/or re-finishing


  • Custom-designed pieces made to your specifications
  • Modification of vintage pieces for present-day use

Working in tandem with our artisans, you can further assure the satisfaction of your clients by choosing the right materials (wood, leather, fabric) and the right finishes for their select pieces in order to achieve the precise look and feel desired.

We will also be happy to discuss and collaborate on any custom projects or ideas.

As an interior designer, you may find yourself moving about from one supplier to another in order to satisfy/appease a particular client or clients.  At Carrocel furniture store, we have consolidated all of your needs in one location and we look forward to helping you maximize and focus your time and energy to best fulfill the unique furniture needs of your clients.

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