Caring For Marble

Caring For Marble

Marble is extremely durable that is formed over the course of millions of years in the earth’s crust with heat and pressure. The resulting properties of this mineral lend to the distinctive colours, veining, and graining, which the stone is most valued for. This characteristic beauty makes it truly a unique choice for various design situations.

The surface of the marble has been filled and polished sealed to create a uniform surface, however, marble is naturally porous. This quality makes it particularly important to be mindful of spills to prevent stains, fading or etching.

Here are some helpful tips to help maintain the beauty of your stone products:

  • Keep surfaces free of debris or sharp objects
  • Wipe up spills immediately
  • Avoid contact with chemicals (i.e. acid-based materials) as they can etch or dull the stone
  • Clean with neutral products or products specifically formulated for use on stone
  • Apply a penetrating sealer to prevent the stone from absorbing contaminants
  • Remove stains with special absorbent poultices formulated for use on stone
  • Renew polished marble by buffing the surface with special stone polish powders or creams
  • Do not use a marble polish on marble with a matte finish

Marble is present all over our furniture store showroom in many colours and styles! You can find links to these items at the end of the post!

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