The Best Dining Chair Materials You Should Know About

Dining chairs tend to be an underrated part of any dining space as people often lean towards function and not form. However, dining chairs can be fun statement pieces within your dining room. They give you a chance to express your personality and creativity in a variety of ways, including the selection of material.

The material that you choose can significantly influence the overall design style and feel of your dining space. We’ve put together a guide that outlines some of the best materials to use in your dining room chairs.

Natural Materials

This is the largest category of materials used in dining chairs and encompasses a wide range of materials such as cane, wood, rattan, and more.


As a tropical hardwood, teak makes incredibly durable and beautiful furniture. Its rich tone adds a pleasant organic warmth to any space and makes a beautiful statement in any dining space. In addition to having beautiful colouring, it can be easily combined with other materials to add texture.

Teak chairs pair well with wooden dining tables within the same colour family as the chair’s finish. They also pair well with marble and stone. Teak is perfect for mid century modern styles and eclectic spaces, as well as some rustic and minimalist styles.


Beech wood is non-porous, strong, and odourless. It has a solid density, ensuring it will hold up over time. The hard surface of beech wood furniture allows it to resist gouging or chipping better than some of the softer wood options. When maintained properly, beech dining chairs can last for many years.

The soft colouring and fine grain gives beech furniture a natural, earthy feeling that suits nearly all styles or aesthetics. With their unique versatility and ability to match their surroundings, beech dining chairs will look just as good in a simple breakfast nook as they do in an elegant dining room.

Natural Wood

Dining chairs made of natural wood give dining rooms a beautiful earthy, natural touch. Available in a wide variety of styles and able to be carved in various shapes, wood is one of the most versatile dining chair materials. The finish on natural wood protects it without altering the natural colouring, allowing these chairs to transition well between various styles. It is a sturdy material and holds up exceptionally well over time.

Natural wood works perfectly with almost every table material, including stone, marble, metal, and both natural and painted wood. A natural wood chair is perfect for mid century modern, minimalist, and traditional styles that lean more eclectic.

Stained Wood

There are more options for wood dining chairs than the natural wood look. Wood can be stained to show off its natural grain and texture, achieving a unique new look. Stained dining chairs give a higher contrast look than natural wood while still delivering on the same benefits. Be sure to select a stain that complements the colour of the rest of the chair and suits your dining room.

Stained wooden dining chairs are very versatile and perfect for a wide range of styles. They pair well with stone, marble, and metals. They can also pair with other more refined wood tones. The key here is to ensure that there is enough contrast between the dining table and the dining chairs.


Leather dining chairs give your dining space a touch of sophistication and a subtle pop of colour. Different leather tones and finishes provide a different look and feel, allowing you to experiment. When paired with metal legs, leather dining chairs are a sleek addition to any dining space.

Saddle or cognac leather has a versatile colour and is very durable. It adds a nice warmth to any space and pairs well with all types of dining tables, including marble, metal, and stone. It is perfect for mid century and more transitional styles as well as eclectic spaces.

Tobacco leather has a darker finish, making it ideal for more dramatic and masculine spaces as it grounds the space. It pairs well with wood, metal, and stone dining tables that are more industrial and earthy. It is perfect for minimal and industrial spaces, some rustic styles, and mid century spaces.


Upholstered dining chairs give off a formal vibe, with the material used influencing the style. They usually have wooden or metal legs and are fully upholstered or composed of frames with upholstered seats and backs. Materials can include cotton, linen, vinyl, and velvet.

Upholstered Velvet

Velvet has a unique richness in texture and appearance that can elevate any look and add a sense of luxury to a dining space. Velvet dining chairs can be fully upholstered or have an upholstered frame with metal or wood legs. However, unless you get a performance or durable velvet with a darker colour, this material is not ideal for a home with kids or pets as it can be difficult to clean.

Velvet pairs exceptionally well with marble dining tables as they both have a glamorous and luxurious aesthetic. Both white and black tables work great, as do tables with glass tabletops and metallic accents. Velvet is perfect for glam or eclectic interior design styles and maximalists.

Upholstered Frame

This is perhaps the most popular style of dining chairs. The chair seat and back are upholstered in fabric, and they are also one of the most comfortable dining chairs as they have some in-built padding. Most come with a wooden frame. The fabric and the finish used on the chair influence which styles it pairs well with.

Typically, upholstered chairs work well with wood, stone, marble, and concrete dining tables. Chairs with an upholstered seat and a caning back add visual interest to the dining set. This style is perfect for traditional dining rooms and also works well with mid century, rustic, contemporary, traditional, and coastal spaces.

Manufactured Materials

There are numerous manufactured materials used in making dining chairs, including plastic, metal, acrylic, and polycarbonate.


Metal dining chairs are easy to clean and maintain. They are also exceptionally durable. However, their industrial inclination can make them seem cold. As such, to add some comfort and warmth to your dining space, try using the metal dining chairs as an accent with more comfortable options. You can also add seat cushions to elevate their comfort.

Metal dining chairs pair well with wooden tables as they add a beautiful contrast to the space and define the room’s style. Metal is perfect for industrial dining rooms but can also work well with rustic, transitional, and farmhouse spaces when paired with the right pieces.

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