Six of the Most Popular Types of Dining Room Chairs

When you finally get the perfect dining chairs you’ve been looking for, you’ll want to celebrate by having everyone over for a meal so they too can experience your great find. First, though, you’ll need to get out there and start looking for the chairs you’ve been dreaming about. At Carrocel, we have many dining room chair types in our showroom, including custom options. These six styles are some of the most popular design options found in many of our customer’s dining rooms.


An armchair is, as the name suggests, a chair that has arms on the side. They can tend to feel more formal than other chair types and can work well as statement pieces. These types of dining chairs are traditionally placed at the head and foot of the table, as there may not be enough room on the sides for them to fit comfortably. To create a set, look for armchairs that come with matching side chairs.

Side Chairs

Aptly named, a side chair typically goes along the side of your dining table. They are armless, allowing them to be placed closer together, and are available in different styles. They can be upholstered completely, partially, or not at all, depending on the look you prefer.

Bar Stools

If you have a taller table or wish to move your dining area to your kitchen island, a bar stool is a great option. They can add character to the dining room that traditional chairs can’t and give an unconventional and fun impression.


Though not a traditional seating option for the dining room, benches are growing in popularity. Adding a bench to one side of your table can make it look sleek, while also removing any visual distraction that chair backs may give in the room. This makes them great for if you have display pieces behind your seating area. Utilizing benches also allows more people to sit around the table, and gives the option to sit closer together, making the table feel inviting.


This style is quite traditional and features a simple design with straight horizontal or vertical lines incorporated throughout. They are made primarily from wood and can have various fabrics used in their upholstery.

Modern or Contemporary

If you have designed your home to have a more modern and contemporary feel and wish to carry that into your dining space, choose chairs that reflect this style. Modern dining chairs are traditionally made using moulded plastic, angular or bent wood, and metal. They will usually have a clean and streamlined finish and feature a neutral, earthy colour scheme.

Browse Our Collection of Dining Room Furniture

At Carrocel, we have a wide selection of unique and custom dining room sets and individual pieces. You are sure to find the right style to match your home. If you desire something more personalized, we have the option to create custom dining chairs. We invite you to visit our showroom located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in central Toronto to browse our current and ever-changing stock of dining room furniture. Alternatively, you can view our collection through the online product catalogue. For more information about customization or if you have any questions, call us at 416-999-2525.

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