A Guide to Buying Chairs for Your Dining Room

Choosing Dining Rooms Chairs Includes More Than the Number and Their Style

In times past, when homeowners were looking to purchase their first dining room suite, the style of furniture was often influenced by the traditions of their parents and grandparents. Consequently, it would not be uncommon for the purchase to include a table with removable leaves, a set of six matching chairs (two with armrests, four without) and a china cabinet (to store china and crystal sets in patterns suggested or chosen by others more senior).

Carrocel Custom Grand Modern Styled Dining TableCarrocel Custom Dining Suite Deco Influenced Custom Table ChairsCarrocel Custom Modern Dining Suite Deco Influenced

This is not intended to demean or belittle such an approach; to the contrary, it reflects the desires of these homeowners to ensure that the option of having meals or entertaining in their dining room was in fact in order. However, whenever the emphasis is placed solely on having a dining room suite, any suite for that matter, it can be restrictive in terms of:

  • Style
  • Comfort
  • Flexibility
  • Functionality

Carrocel Newly Made Dining Suite TraditionalPart of the overall ambience of a dining room is undoubtedly the look of the furniture, and while this can be achieved by choosing chairs that match the style and finish of a table, this is not a requirement/mandatory to the purchasing process. A good portion of an enjoyable dining atmosphere links to the comfort of those seated around the table; and this rests with the choice of dining chairs on more levels than just their style or appearance alone.

Therefore, when buying chairs for their dining room, homeowners might want to take these additional factors into consideration:

  • Room size and footprint (floor space needed for all furniture)
  • Composition and colours – all wood, fabric seats, metal legs?
  • How many people will most often be seated around the table?
  • The anticipated maximum number of guests – how frequently?
  • Will household/kitchen chairs suffice to entertain larger groups?
  • Vertical clearance – sufficient lap room for guests when seated?
  • Where are the table legs? Will they impact chair size or number?
  • Chair size: armrest clearance, seat width, depth from table edge?
  • Chair seat height relative to table height – comfortable for eating?
  • Will all chairs always be left in place around the dining room table?

Carrocel Revival Dining Suite CollectionTip: there is one caveat when choosing the right chairs for a dining room; regardless of the actual number of chairs, they should be purchased as a set and all at the same time, as it could be particularly difficult/challenging to acquire more chairs at a later date that are a perfect match to the originals in terms of finish, fabric colour, size, etc..

Dining Room Chair Sets to Complement Your Dining Table and Style of Home Decor

Modern Contemporary Livingroom Suite Deco Influences Carrocel ShowroomAll of the above questions and more can be answered by a visit to the Carrocel fine furniture showroom, located on Bridgeland Avenue near Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. During such visits, homeowners can consult with experienced Carrocel staff members who can then present the dining room chair sets, all on display a 20,000 square-foot showroom, which would be most appropriate for satisfying the style and functional needs of the customer and their family.

One of the additional benefits to browsing an expansive display area is the variety of options that can be compared (unlike smaller sites that can only offer a limited number of choices). Here are but a few of the many dining room chair sets selections available for viewing upon visiting the Carrocel showroom in Toronto:

  • Original Art Deco Leather
  • Italian Vintage Solid Brass
  • Opus or Parsons Arm Chairs
  • Mid-Century Modern Chrome
  • Custom Westmore or Croc Style
  • Antique Mahogany Hepplewhite Design

For a more comprehensive appreciation of the range of dining room chairs available from Carrocel to complement all varieties and sizes of tables and styles of home décor, please go to our Dining Room Chairs page.

Looking for a set of chairs to augment the look and comfort of your dining room? Call the fine furniture specialists from Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to request a no-obligation consultation.

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