10 Coffee Tables for a Beautiful & Organized Living Room

A coffee table makes every room feel organized while also adding to the aesthetics of the space. So, if you are wondering whether you should add a coffee table to the living room, great room, family room or any gathering area, yes, you should. You also benefit from its versatility. You can, of course, serve coffee on it, eat on it, stash stuff on it to keep the room organized, put your feet up on, play games on it, and so much more. Add to that the fact that there are so many types and styles of coffee tables available, you are guaranteed to find a shape, size and colour that matches your décor and is practical for everyday use.

10 Popular Coffee Table Styles for Living Rooms

Mid-Century Coffee Tables

Mid-Century Coffee TablesThese elegant coffee tables embody the mid-century design approach with clean lines, symmetric shapes and sturdy construction that focuses on functionality while still delivering a beautiful form.

The Mid-Century Modern Marble Brass & Glass Coffee Table by Artedi features a large glass tabletop with a sturdy brass and marble support. While the black marble with white veining catches the eye, its large tabletop and sturdy support give it incredible versatility.

Round Coffee Tables

Round Coffee TablesRound coffee tables are both stylish and functional. When you choose one with shelving underneath, they will provide ample storage for items like remotes, magazines, and throw blankets.

The Modern Round Oak Coffee Table in Sunburst Pattern is an excellent addition to any sitting area, offering storage below the tabletop with an additional oak platform.

Stylish Coffee Tables

Stylish Coffee TablesThese coffee tables are designed and built to make a statement. Think of them almost as a functional art piece. The design draws the eye in and adds interest to the space.

The Modern Leather Top Metal Coffee Table with X Base looks and feels stylish. Its chrome metal base and unique design attract attention, while the tan leather top offers plenty of space for remotes or other items.

Classic and Timeless

Classic and Timeless Coffee tableWhen you think of a coffee table in Toronto, the classic style is likely what you imagine. The sturdy design has two tiers, with the bottom level being primarily for storage.

The Vintage Maison Jansen Stone Top Coffee Table features the classic 2 tier design offering storage underneath a new stunning white honed stone tabletop that can also double up as storage when needed.

Oval Tables

Oval Tables Coffee TableOval tables exude a regal, traditional vibe and offer an excellent visual break for a room dominated by straight lines and sharp edges.

The Vintage Acrylic Tambour Style Base Oval Cocktail Table has a distinctive base that automatically catches the eye, while the generous oval top offers great practicality for a larger room.

Unique Designs

Unique Designs Coffee TableAn unusual balance of shape, colour, and material, playing with straight lines and curves. This style draws the eye and is unmistakably the star of the show, providing elegance, practicality, and interest to the space.

The Vintage Black Cocktail Coffee Table Three Tier Swivel is a truly unique addition to any sitting area. Finished in a black faux stone pattern, each of its three tiers is able to swivel and completely revolve around the centre base, allowing you to create a variety of designs. With a fully open width of 60”, this table offers great functionality and a touch of sophistication.

Small and Useful

Small and Useful Coffee TableThese coffee tables offer great functionality without taking up much floor space. They’re perfect for areas with little space and are small enough to easily move out of the way if needed.

This French Art Deco Round Occasional Table features a beautiful four-legged pedestal and inset Lucite centre piece. At 31.5” wide and 22” tall, this table is perfect for smaller rooms.

Metallic Accents

Metallic Accents Coffee TableWhen you think of a statement piece, this is what should come to mind. A true design masterpiece that is bright, reflective, and attention-grabbing while still being practical and versatile.

The Modern Travertine Marble Cocktail Table by Alfredo Freda for Maison Jansen is a stunning creation that ignites any space. Its edgy polished brass and travertine top with glass insert embodies elegant Italian modern design and styling effortlessly.

A Contemporary Nester

Contemporary Nester Coffee TableWith an ornately contemporary look and vibe, this coffee table style gives the space a modern sophistication with classic elegance. It also allows you the benefit of multiple tables without taking up more floor space.

The Custom Modern Stone Top Cocktail Table with Nesting Table Design features a stone top and black lacquered finish. The extendable section creates additional space for serving.

Transitional Pieces

Transitional Pieces Coffee TableOffering the best of both worlds – modern appeal with classic elegance and style. This style works in most homes and rooms regardless of styling and décor.

The Leather Top Coffee Table Ottoman by Baker Furniture features a stitched leather top and walnut base that looks beautiful in any room.

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