Pair of Modern Bookcase Display Cabinets in Ziricote Wood

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Product Description

These sleek and modern bookcase display cabinets are the perfect addition to any home. Crafted with luxurious hand polished ziricote wood sides and satin white lacquer, the cabinets offer an upscale touch to any décor. They feature thick glass adjustable shelves, mirrored backs, and interior lighting for a dazzling display. With its unique timeless design, this piece is sure to be the center of attention in any room. The cabinets are brand new and made in the USA, making them both stylish and reliable. For a truly stunning original look, this pair of bookcase display cabinets is an ideal choice.

Product Info
Date of Manufacture:New
Materials:Ziricote, Wood, Mirror, Glass
Height: 86 in. (218.44 cm)
Width:38 in. (96.52 cm)
Depth:18 in. (45.72 cm)
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