Five Tips for Mixing Designer Furniture with a Vintage Style

Vintage furniture pieces such as hanging chairs, vintage globes and consoles add character and charm to any space – particularly in modern spaces with designer furniture. Mixing these two styles is a creative way of energizing tired spaces or updating your home as it creates dynamic interior décor beaming with texture and visual interest. These are some of the many reasons why interior design trends are currently gravitating towards vintage vibes. However, mixing designer furniture with vintage décor can be tricky. The tips below should help you ease through this process and find the right balance.

Find a Focal Point

Ideally, every room should have something that sets the tone of the room and instantly catches your attention as you enter. The mantle is commonly used for this reason in most living rooms and even in high-end hotels. There is no limit to what you can use as the focal point, including a pair of antique shutters or perhaps a large antique painting.

Mix Old with New

Mixing old pieces with new ones gives your home character and helps you create a distinct look and feel in line with your personality and preferences. Vintage furniture pieces are a unique addition to any space which gives you the liberty to integrate some of your favourite vintage furniture pieces. When styled alongside new designer furniture pieces, they introduce presence and character. You can always scale back or add more pieces as time passes and your taste changes so that each vintage piece brings meaning to the space. This blending, mixing and changing means that your décor will remain fresh and relevant for a very long time.

Repurpose Items

Repurposing old items gives you an opportunity to not only get something new and fresh but also to explore interesting and creative ideas. An oversized antique photo frame, for example, can easily be turned into a mirror. When mixing finds, you get a quintessential vintage appeal and charm. There are many tutorials online to help you.

Blend the Modern Pieces

Although it might seem counterintuitive, it is perfectly okay to combine styles and periods. However, you have to take precautions when mixing modern and vintage furniture, such as ensuring that you maintain a cohesive flow of colour. A good example of this idea is the mixing of mid-century modern furniture pieces such as these with a tropical touch of bamboo. A bamboo chest painted navy blue can be a great addition to a living room.

Make it Count

Clutter and unnecessary accessories can make a room look and feel outdated. Therefore, cut down on the clutter. The way to do this is by ensuring that you find each piece in your home to be useful or beautiful. If anything does not meet this criterion, consider letting it go. In this case, less is more, and every piece in your home should count.

Although your focus might gravitate towards major fixtures when trying to mix vintage and new pieces, it is important to remember that some choice accessories can also help you achieve the vintage vibe you are looking for. Here are more tips on how you can seamlessly mix vintage furniture with new designer pieces. With that said, always remember to make the space reflect your personality and work for you.

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