Mixing Modern and Vintage Furniture

When the time comes to furnish your home, it can be challenging to decide which items to choose. While part of you may want to go with elegant and timeless vintage pieces, another part may be craving the dramatic stylings of modern furniture. With some thought and planning, mixing the two can provide a beautiful end product that is unique to you and satisfies your desire for the old and new.

Think About the End Result

When you’re starting to think about the room you want to create, try to imagine what you want the final result to look like. Consider if you want an elegant, classic, or fresh feel, and work from there. When blending modern and vintage furniture, you will often end up with a variety of interesting and unique individual pieces, so you should maintain a relatively neutral colour palette to let these pieces be the focal point of the room.

Setting Up

Determining the right setting for your pieces may be difficult. An ideal location would have high ceilings and bright windows, but it is still possible to overdo it with an abundance of pieces. Exposed brick walls and fireplaces make a great background as well. In smaller rooms, be sure not to overcrowd them, and consider combining vintage or modern art pieces with the furniture to keep the aesthetic while maximizing your available space.

Finding the Right Balance

When mixing modern and vintage furniture styles, finding the right balance is essential. The overall look of your space, when put together correctly, will appear cohesive. Nothing will stand out from anything else, and the eye will easily travel over the room. Another thing to keep in mind when mixing modern and vintage is to avoid grouping furniture together by style or period. Be sure to distribute it equally throughout the room or house to maintain balance and consistency.

Display Your Personality

Some aspect of your individuality should be visible in each room of your house to prevent it from having an impersonal and unlived in feeling. Perhaps gather some favourite collectibles together on a table to add a decorative touch, or some inherited artistic pieces. Souvenirs brought back from vacation, small knick-knacks, or books you want to display look great on stylish shelves. Even musical instruments or cameras from various eras can add a unique touch and give a room some character.

Carrocel Has A Huge Selection of Vintage Furniture to Choose From

If you’re looking to mix vintage with modern, the Carrocel showroom is an excellent place to start. At 20,000 square-feet, you’ll be sure to find a piece that will suit your style. These vintage pieces are just a small taste of what you will find when you visit our location at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in central Toronto:

Italian Designer Cesare Lacca 1960’s Mahogany Bar Cart

Pair of Vintage Mid Century Modern Walnut Gold Leafed Chests of Drawers

Vintage Bagues Faux Bamboo French Gilt Round Brass Table

Pair of Vintage Mid-Century Brass and Walnut Leather Parlor Chairs

Vintage Italian Revolving Arm Chair by Gianni Moscatelli for Forma Nova

When you are ready to create the interior space you’ve been envisioning, come to see us. Stopping by the Carrocel fine furniture store will give you an opportunity to browse an outstanding selection of high-end furniture from different eras. For a more comprehensive view of our stock, please go to our vintage and retro furniture catalogue page.

Call the custom furniture professionals from Carrocel at 416-999-2525 today or contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.

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