What to Look for At a Toronto Furniture Store

Furniture Store in TorontoLuxury Furniture Store in Toronto

The City of Toronto is home to many stores offering different types and styles of furniture. Visiting each of these stores would be time-consuming and overwhelming. When looking for the right pieces for your home, it is important to narrow down your list and only pay a visit to the best furniture stores in Toronto. We’ve put together a list of some essential tips that will help you determine whether a store is worth a visit.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Furniture Store in Toronto

Ability to Deliver

Transporting your pieces home could be a concern if your furniture is bigger than the size of your vehicle. In this case, having a furniture store with a reliable delivery system in place is an advantage. At Carrocel, we provide white glove delivery to your location, ensuring your furniture arrives at your home safely.

High Quality

Purchasing high-quality furniture pieces should be your priority regardless of your budget. When looking for the right furniture for your home, it helps to view it as an investment that will serve you for decades or be passed on to family members. In addition, quality furniture pieces can withstand day-to-day wear without damage and will last longer without the need for replacement.

Characteristics of high-quality vintage furniture are evident – you will know as soon as you come across them. They are sturdy, well-built and substantial. This is particularly true of solid wood pieces, as they tend to be heavier than pieces made of particle board or covered in a veneer. Therefore, to be sure that the furniture store sells quality furniture, touch, look at and get comfortable with each piece.

Knowledgeable Staff

It is natural not to have a complete idea of the exact piece you want. For example, you might have a general idea of the colour and size but are unsure of the style that will best fit your home. At Carrocel, we have a team of experts that can help you find the ideal furniture piece that best suits the tone of your room while complementing the existing pieces and the current style of the space.

Locally Owned & Operated

As a locally owned and operated business, we value our clients and appreciate your contribution to our company. The staff at Carrocel get to know your personality, taste and needs to continuously provide excellent service and a unique variety of furniture pieces.

Wide Selection

A furniture store is only as good as its selection. When looking for a piece for your home, you are more likely to find something great from a store that has a wide array of furniture than a shop with a limited selection. A large assortment of pieces gives you a range of options to choose from that reflect your style.

Browsing for Your Next Piece

Once you have narrowed down the list of stores you wish to visit, shopping will be much easier. However, as much as exploring furniture stores in Toronto can do your design and furnishing project a world of good, this is just the first step. Furniture is more than just functional pieces for your home. It also must suit your lifestyle and represent your style and values. Having guidance from a team of experts can help you find the right vintage furniture for your home. These tips can make finding the right pieces easier.

Create Your Design Plan

In order to create a solid foundation and make your redecorating process easier, you may wish to create a mood board or design plan. This lets you consider the layout, colour scheme, and more before visiting a furniture store. It can also help you determine the accessories you intend to incorporate, as they impact the overall look and feel of your home.

Design for Your Lifestyle

Your home reflects who you are, so it is important to pick items that will reflect and accentuate your personality and fit your lifestyle. For instance, select a fabric that improves the functionality and longevity of your space. If you have young children or pets, a high-performance fabric will serve you better. It will allow your kids and animals the freedom to run around and play without damaging your furniture, giving you peace of mind. You might want to consider fabrics with darker colours and more textures if you often host or entertain. This will make potential stains or discolouration from use less noticeable.

Design for Your Space

Great furniture is an investment, and it would be quite a disappointment if your furniture piece ends up being the wrong size for the room. By sharing information about your room dimensions, plans for the space, and your taste, the staff at each furniture store you visit can help you find pieces that will best suit your needs.

Create a Room for Your Taste and Style

Unpacking your desired personal style and communicating it effectively might be more of a challenge than anticipated. If you are having difficulty making a decision, it can help to take a look at interior design trends. Start by deciding on the theme, as this will guide your colour selections.

For example, white walls with bright, primary-coloured accent pieces are a good way to achieve a modern space. To achieve a more rustic look, pair furniture in shades of cream and off-white with exposed brick. Alternatively, consider having minimal furniture pieces, colours, and accessories if you desire a contemporary look.

Three Ways to Complement Your Luxury Furniture

Once you have identified the furniture shop you wish to visit, settled on a theme, and developed a solid design plan for your furniture pieces, the next step is to find ways of complementing your luxury furniture. This requires you to pay keen attention to every little detail. Below are some tips to keep in mind.

Don’t Keep Things Static

Mix things up a bit! This is among the best ways to keep things looking and feeling new regardless of the season. You can play around by creating symmetry between your new furniture and various spaces in your home. For instance, you can create a symmetrical effect by placing a specialty piece that draws attention. When paired with complementing colours, this can add a unique touch to your home as well as make it feel warm and inviting.

Add Splashes of Color

Colour has an incredible way of shifting the mood as well as adding elegance to any space. Adding colourful throw pillows or a vibrant mirror to your room can make a big difference and help bring everything together. You get to enjoy the freedom of switching up the look in your home by changing simple accessories and creating a new feeling throughout the year.

Create the Perfect Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in the overall look and feel of your home. Natural light enhances your decor, allows you to show off your room, and also adds a touch of elegance. Your interior lighting equally plays the same role in the evening, which is why choosing environmentally friendly lamps, or a set of dimmer lights can elevate the style of your home.

Purchasing from a Luxury Furniture Store in Toronto

Investing in luxury furniture is a sure way of making your home stand out. Purchasing luxury furniture in Toronto will allow you to get high-quality pieces that elevate the style of your home and will last for decades. You can experience this firsthand in the showrooms at some furniture stores in Toronto.

The Carrocel Advantage

For over 30 years, we have built a reputation as one of the best high-end furniture stores in the city. We supply luxury furniture of all types and styles in Toronto and the GTA. Our friendly and highly resourceful staff pay close attention to your vision and assess your needs to help you find the right pieces that best suit your space.

Our high-end showroom has a wide selection of unique items that can meet all your furniture needs. If you are in search of a luxury retailer with elegant furniture pieces or a custom furniture creator in Toronto that can deliver sophisticated pieces, look no further than Carrocel.

We invite you to visit our expansive furniture showroom at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto, near Yorkdale Mall. Our resourceful and knowledgeable staff will assist you in finding the right pieces to suit your lifestyle and tastes. Contact us at 416-999-2525, or visit our online product catalogue to get inspiration and find great pieces for your home.

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