The Comeback of Vintage Furniture Trends in 2024

Furniture trends are cyclical, which is why some are back and fashionable today. If you want to update your home décor in a manner that embraces vintage, you have a wide range of designs to pick from. Keep reading to see the vintage trends that will modernize your home.

Top 9 Tips for Bringing Home Vintage Furniture Trends

Choose An Era That You Love for Your Interiors

Decorating in the vintage style means digging into past furniture design styles and picking those that you love best. In each era, furniture pieces have unique colours, finishes, patterns, and appeal that resonate with everyone differently. Most homeowners go for mid-century modern items from the 1930s to the 1960s. However, there are a variety of trendy pieces from the 1970s and 1980s.

Choose Furniture That Matches Your Home Architecture

When choosing vintage pieces, use your home’s architecture to help. The unique structure of your home, colours, and shapes can help you select furniture pieces that will complement your architectural style.

Select Retro Lighting

Lighting was a significant part of vintage furniture décor. You may be able to find vintage pieces or reproductions of some of your favourite styles. You can find options for your walls, floor, and ceiling.

Get Diner-Style Kitchens That Make You Reminisce

Kitchen designs have changed over the years. You can still find retro furniture and vintage appliances to help you embody the nostalgic greasy-spoon diner trend. You can use metallic finishes and brightly coloured booths to recreate the 1950s family diner style. Some pop art, pastel-coloured appliances, and furniture blended with stainless steel appliances can add high contrast colours to your modern kitchen.

Pick Accessories That Bring Out Vintage Appeal

The popular 60’s inspired sunburst mirrors can be found on the walls of many homes today. If you do not want to commit to a full vintage makeover, you can add subtle retro accessories throughout your house. Decorate side tables with colourful retro metal tins, unique wall art, interesting sculptures, and more.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Relive the relaxed outdoor lifestyle with vintage-styled garden furniture in vibrant colour combinations and pastel hues. Having all-weather seat cushions in great patterns such as polka dots, stripes, or florals will add modern appeal to your space.

Match High Contrast Furniture and Textiles

Use high-contract textiles and colours in your bedroom. Incorporate a taste of vintage styling with an upholstered headboard made using velour or velvet or an accent pillow or shag rug with pops of colour. You can also add dynamic and bold prints or bright colours like purple, green, orange, yellow, and turquoise.

Find A Vintage Colour That Inspires the Rest of Your Design

If there is no particular era that you prefer, you can get inspired by colour. Use it on your sofa, lamp, artwork, or appliances. You will be amazed at how a standalone colour can transform an entire room.

Seek Inspiration from Pop Culture in Your Everyday World

We have seen a re-emergence of vintage movies, automobiles, fashion, television, and more in the last few years. If you do not know how to transform your space with retro furniture, you can use your favourite pop culture icons. Vintage cartoons, celebrity photos, magazine covers, car pictures, and more are excellent options.

Vintage Furniture Styles Making a Comeback

Cane Furniture

Although it’s a rustic design, rattan and cane furniture offer fresh and new ways of incorporating vintage trends into your space. Cane furniture pieces combine earthy textures with modern, clean lines, creating a timeless and versatile look. Cane furniture is often found on chairs or cabinet doors.

Earth Tones

Earthy colour schemes, including dusty rose, marigold, rust, and terra-cotta, are making a comeback. You can incorporate these colours in vintage rugs, wall paint, upholstery, and more.

French Mirrors

French mirrors are a combination of aesthetic and purpose. These mirrors come in different shapes and sizes, making them a trendy choice for most homes. You can incorporate French mirrors on a wallpapered entrance, in a polished bathroom, or use them as a gallery wall accent.

Silhouettes with Curves

Curvilinear silhouettes are found in many prominent areas. Rounded chairs and sofas that extend outward from clean lines showcase a sense of ease and elegance. You can incorporate curved silhouettes into your home by looking for 1970s-inspired side chairs, office chairs, and couches.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan pieces are an example of the classic boho style. This design trend remains an essential aspect of many vintage-inspired homes. Rattan furniture pieces have a laid-back look and are perfect for accent pieces like headboards or chairs.

Velvet Furniture

A big hit during the 1970s, velvet furniture pieces are back in trend. Velvet is one of the most versatile fabrics and is comfortable, durable, and soft. It is an excellent way of adding luxury and texture to your living room. For those who do not want velvet furniture, you can opt for lampshades, pillows, throw blankets, and stools.

Bright Lamps

Bright lamps are a great way of enhancing any space within your home. In recent years, colourful lamp designs have re-emerged in modernized forms. You can now find lamps made to look like they are from the 60s and 70s but manufactured using high-performance, updated materials. With new technologies and materials like acrylic, plastic, stainless, and polycarbonate, these lamps can be long-lasting and formed into practically any shape and design to mimic retro style.

Four Poster Beds

A four-poster bed can help evoke vintage style in your bedroom. Four poster beds are experiencing a significant comeback and can be found in many homes. These beds help create a feeling of sophistication within the bedroom.

Bar Carts

Bar carts were quite common in the 1950s and were replaced by in-built wet bars and coolers filled with canned cocktails and beer. However, as more people are entertaining at home again, bar carts can be useful for many homeowners.

Brass Furniture

Vintage brass furniture brings a luxurious quality to your home. The brass furniture trend is a vintage style that enhances the aesthetics and looks of modern houses.

Plush Sofas

The minimalist modern sofas are now being replaced by the much cozier sofas associated with past eras. Incorporating plush sofas into your living room makes your space feel cozier and look more inviting.

Heavy Desks

The digital age reduced the demand for beautiful wooden writing desks, whether rolltop, secretary, or pedestal, but this is the time to return the stately furniture pieces.

Basement Bars

Basement bars are a more sophisticated version of man caves. These were quite popular in the 1970s for entertaining. Even today, you can still find older houses with intact cozy wood-panelled basement bars.

Pick Your Favourites from Our Best Quality Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture in Toronto is experiencing a resurgence, with design trends making a comeback, but not in the same way they were utilized 50 years ago. Retro-design trends are back, and they do not seem to be going anywhere. At Carrocel, we have vintage styles paired with modern designs in a manner that creates an entirely new look.

You can be confident that our furniture pieces meet even the most ambitious interior design and architectural visions. Contact us or check out our 20,000-square feet showroom today to see our vast collection of vintage-inspired furniture pieces.

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Vintage Mid-Century Modern Sofa in Designer Velvet

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