Accent Lighting Can Enhance the Appeal of Luxury Furniture and Interior Décor

Beautiful Accent Lighting In Carrocel Showroom

For a vast majority of Toronto and area residents, and almost all Canadians for that matter, it might be hard to conceive the ability to see in the dark without the benefit of electricity. Unlike their ancestors from the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Modern Era, who relied on moonlight, candles, and oil lamps to light their lodgings and barns, today’s society simply needs to flip a switch, so to speak, to move through or use a completely or partly unlit area.

It would be similarly difficult for those forebearers to comprehend what is taken for granted in the present day. In past eras, lighting was more cut and dried; if people did not add light to a room/space, they sat in the dark. For their descendants today, however, house lighting is not only at their fingertips, it has evolved such that it is now available in several different forms (incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, LED) and units of power (wattage).

This level of sophistication has been further refined to the point where homeowners are now using lighting as an adjunct or an accessory to the high-end furniture in their home. This is commonly referred to as accent lighting, which can be more formally defined as follows:

  • Light that is focused on a specific area, object, or artifact to create visual interest, or
  • An object with a self-contained light source that serves as a piece of functional décor

Whereas the former definition may more often be associated with museum exhibits or large portraits in the foyers of stately mansions, the latter concept will likely be more relevant to, and appreciated by, discriminating Toronto homeowners. In other words, choosing the ideal accent lighting for a home can enhance the appeal of luxury furniture as well as the overall character of the décor, while also providing the functional benefit of illumination.

Toronto and area residents looking to complement their high-end furniture and décor with the correct type of accent lighting might find it beneficial to visit the Carrocel furniture store showroom, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near Yorkdale Mall. Throughout this 20,000 square-foot display space, homeowners can browse a superb collection of house lighting for any/all rooms in their residences, including:

  • Bedrooms
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Library or Den
  • In-Home Office

When shopping for accent lighting, it is important to remember that such accessories should supplement the high-end furniture rather than being the main focus of the room. To that end, the professionals at Carrocel fine furniture can offer valuable advice and guidance on the choice of lighting based on the style of furniture and décor in a particular room/setting.

An Extensive Selection of Accent Lighting to Complement and Enhance Your Décor

Carrocel offers an extensive selection of accent lighting that will appeal to all tastes ranging from vintage to modern; based on their style of furniture, specific house lighting needs, and personal decorating preferences, homeowners can choose from a variety of accent lighting including but not limited to:

  • Floor Lamps
  • Table Lamps
  • Vintage Lighting
  • Lanterns/Sconces
  • Overhead Chandeliers

A cross-section of the exquisite inventory of accent lighting now on display in the Carrocel fine furniture store showroom consists of the following:

Vintage Art Deco Floor Lamp with Adjustable Glass ShelfVintage Art Deco Floor Lamp with Adjustable Glass Shelf

  • A three-ridged glass top seated on a metal support with a round glass lamp below
  • Three vertical stainless-steel rods that pass through an adjustable glass drink shelf
  • View Here

Mid-Century Floor Lamp by Maison Arlus (Triple Light)Mid-Century Floor Lamp by Maison Arlus (Triple Light)

  • Frame is constructed of cast iron and brass, and supported by a round, black base
  • Three crystal glass shades arranged in a flower pattern, each sitting on gold stems

Stilnovo-Style Brass Tripod Floor LampStilnovo-Style Brass Tripod Floor Lamp

  • Modern floor lamp from Italy; composed of brass tripod legs joined in the middle
  • Adjustable metal rods support black metal lampshades, each housing two lightbulbs

Arredoluce Triennale Floor LampArredoluce Triennale Floor Lamp

  • Metal pole light stand with adjustable metal rods holding red, blue, and yellow shades
  • Base of light stand has three metal feet; power cord is housed inside the centre pole

Pair of Mid-Century Globe Table LampsPair of Mid-Century Globe Table Lamps

  • Round polished chrome plinth base; three graduated pedestals with large globe bulbs
  • Shaded upper fixture offers a traditional ambience; on a separate switch from globes
  • View Here

For a more comprehensive preview of Carrocel’s current collection of accent lighting, please visit our Home Accents & Lighting page.

Want to find the ultimate accent lighting to enrich the appeal of the luxury furniture in your home? Visit the Carrocel furniture showroom located near the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, and consult with a knowledgeable representative about the style of house lighting that best suits your furniture and your décor. Call the Carrocel furniture store today at 416-999-2525 or Contact us to book a no-obligation consultation at a convenient time in your calendar.

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