8 Dining Table Styles to Upgrade Your Home

Dining tables serve an important role. Your choice of dining table goes a long way into setting the mood and aura of the home. Dining tables can be a significant investment. As you look through various modern furniture stores for your next dining table, you want to make sure you pick one that meets all your daily needs and aligns and builds upon your home’s style. Whatever your needs are, below is a detailed breakdown of the different styles of dining tables so you can find the perfect choice that works best for your home.

8 Popular Dining Table Styles

Farmhouse Dining Table

This is generally an expansive, warm, and welcoming style of dining table that makes for an extra cozy vibe and is perfect for complementing rustic styles. It adds a rugged and vintage-inspired touch to your dining room that creates the feeling of stepping into an old country farmhouse even if you live in a high-rise apartment. Since farmhouse dining tables are typically made from rough, solid wood, they tend to be very strong, sturdy, and imposing.

This versatile dining table can easily be paired with a bench to achieve a more family-friendly style or with upholstered chairs to turn up the sophistication. It gives off a solid, sturdy, and timeless vibe that makes the dining room feel warm, welcoming, and cozy. Many people refer to this as the workhorse of dining tables.

Mid-Century Modern Dining Table

After over 60 years, the mid-century modern aesthetic continues to be a forever favourite. This dining table style is characterized by its natural wood construction and slender tapered legs. The medium to light woods and slick silhouette originating from the era feel both fresh and polished and seamlessly fulfill the needs of comfortable living and aesthetic delight.

Designed when most families were moving to smaller urban spaces, this dining table style is perfect for smaller dining rooms. Its geometric shapes, clean lines, and sleek simplicity give the room a timeless appeal.

Traditional Dining Table

Typically made of sturdy wood with a darker finish and often feature more ornamentation and carved features on the legs. You can accentuate this versatile style by pairing it with traditional dining chairs, upholstered options for a more farmhouse look, or trying mismatched chairs for an eclectic vibe.

These dining tables are large and domineering, making for a lovely centrepiece. Because of their size, they can pair well with a big, beautiful chandelier. They are elegant, super-versatile, timeless, and have plenty of room to host family and friends.

Pedestal Dining Table

Pedestal dining tables generally have a wide, typically round tabletop on one or two solid legs. They are architectural, stylish, and very practical in a dining room, offering plenty of surface space. Round and oval styles can sit more people than rectangular and square styles.

These tables can add fun to any dining room with their symmetrical, smart, and stylish vibe.

Parsons Dining Table

These are widely regarded as the perfect table for a super streamlined and contemporary style. Although there are many renditions of its simple, balanced form, this modernist style is characterized by clean angles and straight lines with no ornamentation or frills whatsoever.

Its pared-down aesthetic makes this table highly versatile and timeless. You can dress it up for an elegant and dramatic look or dress it down for a simple, laid-back style as you prefer.

Trestle Dining Table

This timeless style was very popular in the Middle Ages. It features a tabletop that sits on two trestle supports. Its simple yet elegant look is a natural fit in most modern dining rooms. Made at a time when most people did not have dedicated dining rooms, trestle dining tables are built to be flexible and portable. They remain popular today as they are attractive and sturdy, making them perfect for hosting large groups.

These tables are available in many styles to fit any preference. It is the kind of table that makes you think of having family and friends over to make memories.

Modern or Contemporary Dining Table

Modern or contemporary dining room tables are inspired by previous trends in designer furniture without necessarily imitating them. They are made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, and concrete. Many of the designs feature a blend of these materials.

Industrial Dining Table

Industrial dining tables are identified by the type and condition of the material used for construction. This style is renowned for the use of upcycled and salvaged materials which gives it its characteristic look and feel. The table legs or mounts are typically made from steel or iron, and any wood is thicker, more natural, and may have imperfections. Some tables also use metal pipes or cables as supports.

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