Why Carrocel Is the Best Source for High-End Furniture

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Whether you’re looking to have custom furniture made or are searching for just the right piece from an era gone by, Carrocel specializes in high-quality furniture. From the materials we use and our construction process to the furniture we source, we ensure every piece meets our standards for quality and craftsmanship, and this is reflected in the beautiful products we provide to our customers.

The Carrocel Difference

  • Our wood furniture is constructed of solid hardwood and unique veneers
  • On wood furniture, it’s important to check the joints. Good quality furniture will have screws or dowels in the joints. Top quality furniture will have dovetailed or mortise and tenon joints and be reinforced as needed. Low-quality furniture will have nails, staples, or visible glue.
  • High-end furniture will have level frames that sit even with the floor. Poor quality furniture will wobble, creak, or twist.

Key Differences Between High-End and Low-Quality Furniture

  • Cushioning – The cushioning inside of premium furniture uses higher quality padding, and is much thicker, giving it the ability to last longer. Low-quality pieces often use cut foam that over time will compress or lose its shape.
  • Screws – High-quality furniture is joined with screws or dowels, while a piece of lower quality will use nails, staples, or glue that remains visible despite the piece being finished.
  • Veneers – Many furniture pieces dating from the late 1800s to now feature some variety of veneer. This is used to create the unique grain patterns seen on wood furniture. It is a widely held misconception that veneers mean poor quality, but despite what most people may think, veneers are a very high quality, durable way to create a unique design on furniture. A large piece of solid wood would never be able to display the intricate patterns we see and enjoy in wood pieces, so veneering has been used for centuries to create elegant designs and beautiful finishes.
  • Springs – Lower quality furniture often contains basic springs, if there are any at all. Some may simply contain elastic stapled to the frame which will wear down. High-end pieces have better spring technology that will continue to support the cushioning for a longer period, ensuring it keeps its shape despite continuous use.
  • Frame – High-end furniture has carefully crafted frames with detachable pieces. For example, the legs can detach from the frame in the event of damage, and the cushions are easy to reupholster. The frame on lower quality pieces is often one solid piece, and the cushioning is not layered, making it more difficult to fix or adjust and instead often leading to complete replacement of the entire piece.
  • Knots – High-end wood furniture will have few knots, if any, even in areas that are not visible. This is because knots are weak points in wood and susceptible to developing cracks. For this reason, certain woods such as pine are not desirable for making high-quality furniture. Low-quality quality furniture will often be made from thin plywood, fiberboard, particle board, or pressboard.

See Our Selection of High-End Furniture

Carrocel has a wide selection of high-end luxury furniture. No matter where in your home you’re looking to decorate, you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece in our 20,000 square foot showroom. Located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in central Toronto, we invite you to come in and browse our displays and see for yourself what makes Carrocel the best choice for high-quality furniture in the city. For a more in-depth selection, please view our online catalogue

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