Stylish Headboards for Your Bedroom

Stylish Headboards for Your BedroomHeadboards have come a long way. In ancient Egypt, findings show that headboards were initially created for a practical purpose, which was to insulate the bed from the wall. They were often made of wood, which conducts less heat than other materials, and were made to be thicker on the bottom, so there was a gap between the wall, and the cold air could sink. As times progressed, headboards became more decorative than functional and evolved into what we know today.

Along with their functionality, many people may find they sleep better with a headboard on their bed. Whether or not Feng Shui is something you actively try to practice in your decorating, it has an impact when it comes to headboards. Having the solid piece of furniture behind us gives us a sense of security and comfort, helping us relax and have a more restful and fulfilling sleep.

Stylish Headboards for Your BedroomWhatever your view on headboards may be, here are some ideas to create a beautiful and comfortable bedroom.

Appealing Patterns

If your décor style isn’t heavy on patterns already, incorporating them into your headboard is an excellent touch. Whether you opt for wood with a chevron style or an upholstered piece in a design that fits the room, patterns can add personality and comfort to the room.

Elegant Frames

You can make your bed the centrepiece of your room by choosing an artistic headboard. Lattice-inspired designs or intricate fretwork patterns are ornamental, decorative, and make an excellent statement piece.

Gentle Curves

Curved headboards present a soft silhouette and add a more feminine style to your room. Commonly seen in movies, this style is often used to depict glamour and luxury.

Colourful Accents

Upholstered headboards are perfect for adding splashes of colour. Whether you choose your favourite colour, match it to other elements in the room, or select a combination to make it truly unique.

Subtle Lines

Striations, whether horizontal or vertical, make for a classic piece of furniture. This look can be achieved in many ways by utilizing different materials such as leather, wood, and fabric.

Romantic Tufts

Tufting adds a class and elegance to your bed that is hard to match. The even spacing, soft texture, and symmetry make it a great choice for anyone who wants a timeless, beautiful option.

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