Main Causes Of Antique Furniture Damage That Needs Restoration

Watch For These Main Causes Of Antique Furniture Damage

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When you own fine antique furniture, you need to be aware of some of the most common causes of damage. Especially after putting a lot of time into antique fine furniture restoration, you want to be sure to maintain the pristine quality of your vintage furniture. Likewise, if your furniture does suffer unfortunate damage, you should know how to perform basic antique restoration to repair the piece.

Much of the damage that occurs with furniture is preventable. Be aware of these common reasons for damage and you will be able to keep your vintage furniture looking beautiful and well maintained.

  • Carelessness — This is one of the major causes of damage to furniture and reasons for antique restoration. The lack of proper care when moving furniture or being around such pieces results in damaging bumps, scrapes, scratches, and loose fittings. Handle your furniture with the care it deserves.
  • Environmental Factors — Lighting, humidity, and heat can affect the condition of your antique furniture. Keeping antique furniture out of direct sunlight and in conditions that are not too hot or too humid will help to preserve the integrity and condition of the furniture. It will be hard to maintain perfect conditions, unless the pieces are kept in a controlled environment.
  • HumidityAntique furniture exposed to consistently damp and humid conditions will cause the coatings on the wood to deteriorate and separate from the substrate. After all, there must be a good reason you do not see furniture as part of the most luxurious poolside!

If you have vintage furniture that has suffered some damage due to the above factors, you may want to perform some antique restoration to return the piece to good condition. Doing so requires specific materials and tools that you would not use on regular furniture.

Additionally, depending upon the type of damage suffered, you will need to utilize different methods during the restoration process. It is important to know how to properly perform the restoration before beginning, so as to be sure not to cause any additional damage.

For more information about restorations, contact Carrocel Fine Furniture Store located in the heart of Toronto. We will be happy to discuss proper maintenance and your antique furniture restoration needs.

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  • Axel Rich says:

    It’s the timely inspection that actually counts in revealing the early sign of damage that every furniture owner must observe.

  • David Norriss says:

    I like how you specified that people should know what method of restoration is needed before actually starting to restore the antique furniture. For example, they may accidentally end up cutting fabric that didn’t need to be cut. If people can’t figure it out on their own then I think they should go to a professional who can get it done with ease.

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