Important Questions and Answers About Shopping for Furniture

Consumers Often Ask Questions About These Topics When Shopping for Furniture

Shopping for furniture could be likened to shopping for a vehicle or even looking for a home. Although the ultimate costs can differ markedly from one item to the next, these purchases are completed rather infrequently, compared to grocery shopping for example, and typically done with considerable thought, time, and effort (and perhaps a little bit of trepidation too).

In contrast to consumables like weekly foodstuffs, substantial purchases such as a vehicle, home appliances, or luxury furniture are intended and anticipated to last for several years; and while the act of shopping is still a required step in the acquisition of these necessities, it may be viewed along the lines of long-term investing rather than just an outlay of money.

Furniture Shopping QueriesBecause a significant amount of time can pass between furniture shopping trips, consumers may be a bit rusty, in a manner of speaking, when the time arrives to shop for a new dining room suite or a new sofa and chair for their living room. Consequently, the luxury furniture specialists from Carrocel fine furniture in Toronto offer the following insight to some of the common questions asked by customers looking for advice/answers about buying furniture:

  • How many years should furniture be expected to last?
    • 10 to 15 years for sofas/beds; longer for quality wood pieces
    • Ultimate lifespan depends on the frequency and type of care
    • Longevity is also affected by how/how often the piece is used
  • What types of furniture have the best investment value?
    • Focus on quality and functionality, not just the price tag
    • Solid wood (cherry, mahogany, oak) offers the best value
    • Address basic needs first: sofa, dining table and chairs, bed
  • Is it better to buy new or used furniture?
    • New furniture is recommended for showpieces in main rooms
    • New furniture comes with guarantees/without potential issues
    • Consider used furniture for short-term or temporary purposes
  • Should existing furniture be reupholstered or simply replaced?
    • This depends on the quality and condition of the existing wood
    • Reupholstering is economical and can extend the life of the piece
    • Reupholstering is a good option for antique or one-of-a-kind items
  • What happens if the furniture does not fit/look right in the room?
    • Avoid this possibility by measuring room dimensions, door frame widths
    • Draw a plan of the room (to scale) – include locations of doors/windows
    • Go shopping with photos of other furniture that will remain in that room
  • Can furniture be mixed-and-matched or all kept to the same style?
    • Mixing-and-matching styles, patterns, or colours will work (within reason)
    • Adding selected accessories can mix styles in a non-overpowering manner
    • Having different dining room chairs is currently one of the more popular ways to blend unlike styles (The Growing Popularity of Mix ‘n Match Dining Chairs)
Important Questions and Answers About Shopping for FurnitureImportant Questions and Answers About Shopping for FurnitureImportant Questions and Answers About Shopping for FurnitureImportant Questions and Answers About Shopping for Furniture

There are certainly many more questions that people may already have about shopping for furniture or that may come to mind as a result of the above list; in either case, the experts from the Carrocel fine furniture store are ready, willing, and able to help homeowners with any specific questions and/or furniture shopping needs.

Consolidate Your Furniture Shopping with a Visit to Carrocel’s Inspiring Showroom

In addition to being an infrequent activity, furniture shopping can pose a challenge in terms of finding the time to do it effectively and to make an informed decision; depending on what type of furniture the homeowner wants/needs, and how many pieces they aim to purchase, the process can often consume an entire weekend and likely even more hours or days.

This investment of time and effort can be consolidated with a visit to the 20,000 square-foot Carrocel furniture store showroom, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. The luxury furniture collections on display in this showroom can inspire ideas for homeowners who are shopping for that suite, piece, or accessory that will provide the best solution for their needs and preferences; it also offers the opportunity to obtain answers and insights from the Carrocel specialists relative to any specific questions they may have about furniture construction, quality, durability, return on investment, etc.

The Carrocel showroom presents an exquisite and extensive collection of living room, dining room, bedroom, and home office furniture and accessories in an array of styles including:

  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Classic Vintage
  • Custom Designs
  • Mid-Century Modern

For a pre-shopping screening of the striking collection of luxury furniture currently available in the Carrocel furniture store showroom.

Shopping for the ideal luxury furniture to complement your style and your home? Call the specialists from the Carrocel fine furniture store today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to request a complimentary consultation; and you are welcome to visit our 20,000 square-foot showroom, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, at your leisure.

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