The Growing Popularity of Mix ‘n Match Dining Chairs

Mix‘n Match Dining Chairs Can Express Your Individuality and Make a Statement

Dining Room ChairsIf a researcher conducting an impromptu survey asked a cross-section of people to describe what a typical dining room set should look like, it would not be uncommon for a majority of the respondents to present an image of a high-end table (maybe oak or cherry) surrounded by a set of six matching chairs, a china cabinet, and a sideboard, buffet, or server. Answers of this nature would likely be influenced by personal experience (past and/or present) or by the association of a dining room with formal/celebratory meals or entertaining one’s guests.

Dining Room Table and ChairsIt is also a description of dining rooms that are regularly seen in movies, magazine ads, and many furniture store displays – tables, chairs, and accessory pieces that are alike in design, style, and construction and therefore meant to be sold as a matching set. This has been the trend in dining room furniture for decades, and remains a common practice in a majority of households today.

However, a new trend has emerged and is becoming more popular relative to furnishing a dining room – homeowners are expressing their individual style and/or making a statement by mixing-and-matching the types of chairs around their dining room table.

There are likely several factors that are fuelling this break from tradition, so to speak; some of the more common reasons why homeowners will mix ‘n match dining chairs may include:

  • To have contrasting styles in the same room
  • A liking for multiple materials (leather, fabric)
  • A preference for symmetry but not uniformity
  • Establishing a unique ‘personality’ for the room
  • To incorporate furniture styles from different eras
  • Combining an aura of sophistication with practicality
  • Reflecting a creative flair and/or degree of individuality

Regardless of their reasoning, homeowners who want to pursue this trend and mix ‘n match their dining chairs might find the following ideas/combinations of ideas helpful in choosing and buying varied seating for their dining room:

  • Different colours but same design
  • Same colour but different designs
  • Same material in different designs
  • Same style but in different designs
  • Different periods (vintage/modern)
  • Varying heights for the chair-backs
  • Different textures for the upholstery
  • Same type of fabric, multiple patterns
  • Diverse weights (wood, rattan, bamboo)

Tip: while the premise behind mix ‘n match dining chairs is one of individuality/uniqueness, it is important to keep in mind that guests will be seated around the dining table for quite some time as they enjoy the meal and some conversation; as a result, their comfort should not be compromised for the sake of making a statement. When choosing/buying modern or vintage mix ‘n match dining chairs, whether the seats are wood, leather, fabric, or a weave, they should be of a similar scale in terms of the seat width/depth and height from the floor.

Modern Dining Chairs on Display to Spark Mix ‘n Match Ideas for Your Home

Sometimes, the largest obstacle to success in implementing a new/innovative idea is that of knowing where to begin; and this can certainly apply to how a homeowner might go about choosing and buying mix ‘n match dining chairs.

One solution would be a visit to the Carrocel fine furniture showroom, located on Bridgeland Avenue near the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. During their visit, homeowners can consult with a knowledgeable Carrocel staff member who can present the collection of modern dining chairs that is currently on display in their 20,000 square-foot showroom; in turn, this may spark mix ‘n match ideas that Carrocel can help convert into reality.

To gain an appreciation for the fine-quality dining chairs on display in Carrocel’s showroom, homeowners might like to preview the following:

Set of 8 Chinoiserie Style Dining ChairsSet of Six French Art Deco Leather Dining ChairsSet of 8 Charvet Custom Side ChairsSet of Six Modern Hollywood Armchairs

For a more comprehensive selection of the dining chairs available from Carrocel, please see our Dining Room Chairs page.

Mix ‘n match seating around a dining table is an excellent way for homeowners to express a unique and individual decorating style without forfeiting any comfort for their dinner guests. Call the fine furniture experts at Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or Contact us to book a no-obligation consultation on the selection of dining chair styles, designs, and colours that can truly make a statement in your home.

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