How to Style Vintage Pieces Throughout Your Home

Introducing vintage design elements into your home is a great way to give it some character. Vintage pieces often have stories to tell and can bring a personal touch to interior design. Whether it’s an heirloom passed down through the generations or a beautiful piece discovered in an antique store, vintage pieces often feature fine craftsmanship and can provide a unique touch to any home.

Of course, just like any piece of furniture, it’s crucial that whatever vintage piece you pick up fits your existing interior design. With that in mind, the following is a brief guide to using vintage design elements in your home.

The Unique Feel of a Vintage Piece

Vintage furniture elicits feelings of nostalgia. They look like pieces that may have been handed down from one generation to the next, giving them that traditional feel. These items, whether used as accents or a focal piece, are a great way to add a more inviting and cozier atmosphere to your home.

10 Ways to Style Your Home with Vintage Furniture

If you’ve decided that you want to introduce a vintage element to your interior design, then keep the following ten tips in mind:

  • Mix Old with New: Vintage pieces can look great when combined with more contemporary furniture. A vintage armchair can be a nice touch to a modern living room, while an antique dresser can really liven up a more traditional bedroom.
  • Combine Different Styles: While you don’t want to overcrowd the space, combining different styles of vintage furniture can be a great way to add depth and character. For example, a traditional wooden sideboard can look great with an Italian chandelier. Don’t worry about always sticking to one style – combining styles can give your room an eclectic feel that’s more visually interesting and inviting.
  • Invest in Quality Pieces: When it comes to vintage pieces, quality matters. Investing a bit more in quality pieces often means that the furniture will last longer and be worth the cost. Quality pieces also tend to look better and are more valuable. As such, think of the vintage pieces you buy as an investment.
  • Upcycle Vintage Furniture: Because vintage furniture tends to be older, it may be in need of some work – especially if you’re looking for pieces at a flea market or a garage sale. Just because they’re not in perfect shape doesn’t mean they can’t add beauty and character to your home. For example, repainting a dresser or reupholstering a chair can add new life.
  • Play with Texture: Consider using contrasting textures to enhance the vintage look. For example, a tufted leather sofa can be paired with a wood side table to give off a cozy, comfortable vibe. You can also use a plush velvet armchair to contrast with a distressed wood coffee table. If you use contrasting textures to create aesthetic interest, try to keep the colour palette minimal to avoid creating too much of a visual clash.
  • Integrate Vintage Pieces into the Kitchen: When it comes to vintage décor, most people tend to focus on living areas. However, the kitchen can also benefit from vintage pieces. For example, a buffet or sideboard can look great as an island in the center of the room. Adding a vintage element helps soften the more sterile aesthetic that some contemporary kitchen designs have.
  • Bring Vintage into the Bathroom: Like the kitchen, the bathroom can also benefit from a vintage style. For example, an old-fashioned clawfoot tub can look great in a more traditional bathroom.
  • Statement Pieces: Because of how visually striking vintage pieces are, they can easily become statement pieces. As such, consider using one as a focal point. A large vintage armoire or a statement chandelier can be great for this purpose.
  • Accent Pieces: If you prefer to compliment your existing interior design instead of drawing attention to a vintage element, you can use elements, such as rugs, as accent pieces.
  • Repurpose: Not every vintage piece needs to be used as intended. For example, you could take a vintage sideboard, chop the legs off, and repurpose it into a desk. The possibilities are endless if you get creative and think outside the box.

How to Mix Modern and Vintage Decor

Modern interior designs tend to be more minimalist and clean, while vintage pieces can add character and depth to a space. To successfully mix modern and vintage decor, follow these tips:

  • Choose a Neutral Palette: Use a neutral palette to help unify the look and keep the design from becoming too chaotic by contrasting colours drawn from the vintage pieces.
  • Balance with Lighting: The proper lighting can help create a unified look. Try incorporating older lighting styles with modern pieces or use vintage fixtures as statement pieces.
  • Incorporate Accents: Smaller accent pieces are a great way to bring in vintage elements without overwhelming the overall design.

Get Premium Quality Modern and Vintage Furniture in Toronto

Adding vintage furniture to your home is a great way to introduce character and personality to your interior design. To invest in high-quality vintage furniture as well as modern furniture, check out the Carrocel showroom or contact us for more information about our pieces.

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