Contemplating a Dining Room Makeover

Is Your Dining Room Furniture the Reason Why That Room is Being Underutilized?

Carrocel Custom Dining SuiteWith the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life, it is not surprising that today’s homeowners are actually having fewer meals at home than those of previous generations. Whenever they do eat in, their meals are usually consumed at the kitchen table or perhaps even standing at a breakfast bar or island counter in the kitchen; with all of this fast-paced activity, the overall use of their dining room can often get lost in the shuffle.

But there is something to be said for leisurely enjoying a meal in the comfort and elegance of one’s own home; whether a quiet romantic dinner for two, the celebration of a wedding anniversary or a family member’s birthday, or an evening spent in the company of friends, the atmosphere can be enriched in a beautifully-furnished yet functional dining room.

In addition to the pace of life, there can be many reasons why homeowners typically avoid the use of their dining room:

  • The style of furniture is outdated
  • The style of furniture is too elaborate
  • Furniture is too large for the dining area
  • Furniture is too small or large for your needs
  • Furniture is a mismatched collection of styles

Any of the above circumstances would offer a viable reason for a dining room makeover, the opportunity to revitalize the look and function of the space while simultaneously stimulating homeowners to consider its use more frequently – for dining/entertainment purposes rather than just as extra storage space.

Carrocel Custom Deco Influenced Dining TableThis would also provide an opportunity to speak with a knowledgeable staff member from a fine furniture store such as Carrocel, located near Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. The Carrocel representative would be able to suggest and present the ideal choice of modern dining room furniture to complement the size, shape, and décor of the room itself, as well as offering the design and functionality needed to dine and entertain in comfort.

A visit to the Carrocel showroom, along with insight obtainable from their experienced staff, can provide homeowners with the cornerstones of a dining room makeover that will become the envy of their families and friends.

Start With the Fundamentals When Considering a Dining Room Makeover

Quite often, when homeowners are contemplating the makeover of any room, they might be heard to remark that they do not know where to start – should it be the colour of the walls, the choice of flooring, or the style of window coverings? In many cases, the answer may be none of the above but lies instead with a focus on the essentials; in other words, what basic needs will be served within/by that room?

With respect to the dining room, those needs include a comfortable environment in which to enjoy a meal and conversation; this means that the place to start a dining room makeover will be the choice of a dining table and chairs. Carrocel offers an exquisite selection of high-end dining room tables and chairs, on display in their 20,000 square-foot showroom located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto – homeowners can also preview Carrocel’s extensive inventory by visiting our Dining Room Tables and Dining Room Chairs pages.

Carrocel will work together with homeowners on choosing their table and chairs by ensuring that the following aspects are considered:

  • Table size
  • Table material
  • Table shape/style
  • Shape/style of chairs
  • Maximum seating capacity
Set of 4 Hillock Dining Side ChairsSet of 6 Antique Union National Mahogany Chairs Hepplewhite DesignSet of 8 Custom Louis Capet Side Chairs

Once the central aspect of the dining room has been satisfied, homeowners can address additional functionality based on available remaining space. Furniture pieces that can serve in this capacity as well as add accent to the dining space might include:

  • China cabinets
  • Credenza cabinets
  • Self-serve bar carts
  • Custom designed piece
  • Servers, buffets, or sideboards
French Art Deco Sideboard AttributedRuder Feathered Mahogany CommodeArt Deco Burl Sandalwood & Shagreen Display Cabinet Secretaire

All of the above pieces are also available from Carrocel, in wide range of styles and sizes, to complement the homeowner’s choice of dining room table and chairs from this fine furniture store.

Are you in need of new or modern high-end dining room furniture? Are you contemplating a complete dining room makeover? Then call the fine furniture specialists at Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to arrange for a complimentary consultation, or visit our 20,000 square-foot showroom at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto to view our exquisite selection of high-end dining tables, chair sets, and accent pieces.

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