The Hottest Trends in Art Deco

Bring the Richness of Bold Design into Your Home

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The re-emergence of art deco is here to stay. The style itself is all about visual and influential arts that depict movement and culture. Art deco originally appeared in France after the First World War. Today it still features that iconic geometric pattern and vibrant colours that add charm and novelty to any home.

Art Deco for Your Home Décor

You would be surprised at just how easy it is to bring this feisty retro style into your home. After all, who does not love splashes of colour and unique patterns? Avoid cheap and cheesy and only buy your art deco pieces from a fine furniture store in Toronto.

At Carrocel Interiors, our experts offer you these design and décor tips to keep in mind:

  • Think of exotic finishes. More art deco homes are featuring the exotic décor of the African safaris. Do not be afraid to pair bold geometrics with glass, shiny fabrics, pearl, tortoise shell or even animal prints.
  • Incorporate rich, colourful woods. The art deco movement was just that: artful. Look for fine furniture in Toronto that features rich woods like ebony, walnut, rosewood or even French-inspired oak designs.
  • Try a bold, geometric design. The hallmark of the art deco style is its strong ties to bold, geometric shapes. Bring this flair into your home with attractive, bold wallpaper featuring the classic art deco design. Curvilinear forms can instantly catch your eye.
  • Bring it all together with an art deco cabinet. To truly carry the art deco inspiration, strike a balance with fine art, colour and just the right finishes. An art deco-inspired cabinet complete with regal finishes and dramatic arts and sculptures inside will create a luxurious appeal.

Art Deco is Bold, Inspiring and Very Stylish

At Carrocel, we find a lot of inspiration in the art deco era. With its natural influences of décor, fashion, and architectural designs, the art deco style holds tremendous appeal for those who adore the arts. Let our designs help inspire a bolder design choice—visit our showroom today.

Come see our collection of unique furniture finds and true art deco pieces. Call us at 416-999-2525 for design ideas and advice.

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