Identifying Quality Wood Furniture

How To Find And Identify Quality Wood Furniture In Toronto

Quality Wood Furniture In Toronto - white and black accent chairs

The furniture that you buy for your home creates the ambience and statement of style you want. It plays a big role in our everyday life, providing comfort, convenience and style; and offers a unique way to express yourself in making a house your home.

Having good quality wood furniture is a key element in creating a home you will love. However, finding and identifying quality wood can be challenging. For every budget and style, there is a way to ensure that the fine furniture you buy is made to last:

What Type Of Wood Do You Like?

The type of wood you choose can affect the longevity, aesthetics, value and overall appearance of your furniture. Popular woods include coniferous pine, cedar and redwood. Harder woods come from deciduous trees, and include cherry, oak, mahogany, maple, rosewood, teak and walnut.

Ensure The Furniture Is Made Using Real Wood And Not Faux Wood

For good quality wood furniture, the design and construction is extremely important. Inspect the way the joints are connected. Are there evident shortcuts? Examples include: staples sticking out, or dried glue that has leaked from the seams. Check the sturdiness of the furniture – does the chair creak when you sit on it? Does the furniture make noises? Does it sound hollow when it’s supposed to be made using solid oak wood?

Quality Wood Furniture – The Carrocel Difference

At Carrocel Furniture Store, the construction and restoration of custom-made furniture is an intensive process. Our technicians and artisans are involved in each step – from the initial stripping process through to the final finish. Our real wood furniture is created using traditional methods that rely on using only the finest quality wood. We pride ourselves on offering superior quality, long-lasting wood furniture made with the utmost care and uncompromised craftsmanship, that stands the test of time.

For superior quality custom wood furniture and restorations in Toronto, contact Carrocel today.

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