How To Restore Drawers In Antique Sideboards

Antique SideboardAntique sideboards add character to your home, but may require some repair first. After sitting for decades in various climates, the wood of an antique sideboard can expand, causing the drawers to stick or close awkwardly. In other cases, just years of use and wood rubbing against wood has worn away at the integrity of the drawers, making them difficult to open and close.

While professional furniture restoration is best when fixing antiques, there are ways to restore the drawers of your sideboard at home.

Furniture Restoration Tips For Sideboard Drawers

Examine your sideboard carefully to identify the cause of your awkward, loose or tight drawers. It is unlikely the same repair will be done on each drawer because you may have one drawer that is sticking, another that is too loose, while another is uneven.

  • Gather the Right Tools – To perform this type of furniture repair, you will need access to woodworking tools. This includes a chisel, mallet, sander, sandpaper, belt sander, wood glue, panel pins, a tape measure, pencils for marking, plywood, and a saw.
  • For Supports – Supports are what keep the drawers even in the sideboard. Remove drawers and place them upside down. Examine the supports to see which side is lower or higher. Then, chisel away the side supports, carefully, to remove remaining wood. Cut your plywood in 1-inch strips, making each the same length and width as the drawer sides. Glue and pin the strips into place. Repeat on other drawers with uneven supports.
  • For Drawer Runners – Drawer runners commonly wear away from constant use. To replace these, you will need to find or cut scrap wood into the right thickness. Glue the new runners and guides into place and pin them down.

Consider A Professional For Repairing Your Antique Sideboard

While it is more affordable to repair on your own furniture, a professional has the precision tools and expertise required for antique sideboards. Your sideboard’s drawers can be fixed professionally without interfering with the integrity of the piece itself and the beauty of your antique will be preserved.

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