How to Make Your Dining Room More Inviting

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Your home’s dining room is an important place where the family assembles. It is where you share your daily dinners, discuss your day’s activities, and spend quality time with one another. You also entertain friends and other guests here. If your dining area is less than inviting, it could put a damper on the mood and even make the food appear less exciting.

Add Some Drama to Your Dining Room

There are ways to perk up your dining room and make it as attractive as the food you serve. You may be surprised at how simple changes can go a long way – so do not think you need a full and expensive makeover.

  • Use a Comfortable Rug under Dining Room Tables – If you have a lot of clean lines and modern furniture, it can tend to look stiff and unappealing. Soften up the mood and make your dining area more inviting just by adding a comfortable rug under the dining chairs and table.
  • Use the Right Paint Color – If you have a closed off room for your dining room (as opposed to an open floor plan), take advantage and spruce up the wall color. Use a color that suits your personality – such as a warm, neutral tone or even a bold blue or powder gray.
  • Add Dimension – From molding to wainscoting, you can add drama and dimension to your dining room with these finishes. They will also add pops of white throughout the walls – which allows you to paint a deeper, darker color and not drown out the room.
  • Make Your Dining Room Tables and Chairs the Focal Point – The table, after all, is where everyone will sit and enjoy their meal. Make sure the table and dining chairs are centered in the room and made the focal point. Use a bold centerpiece to make sure people’s eyes are instantly drawn to the table when they enter.

Mix and Match Styles in Your Dining Room

The dining room is all about making a statement. Do not be afraid to mix and match antiques with modern designs. In fact, a growing trend is using one style of dining room tables mixed with different types of refinished dining chairs. As long as the colors of the chairs (including any upholstery) matches the rest of the décor, you will have an eclectic, refined dining room.

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