How to Differentiate Between Real and Fake Vintage Furniture

The term “vintage” is thrown around too often by furniture stores and there are even modern furniture companies advertising their products as “vintage.” So, how do you know if you are purchasing a real or fake piece of vintage furniture for your home? At Carrocel fine furniture store, our team of furniture experts will tell you that there are some easy ways to differentiate fine furniture from mass-produced knock-offs. By doing so you can make sure that the piece you are purchasing is worth the investment.

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Tips for Spotting Real Versus Fake Vintage Furniture

Next time you shop for vintage furniture in Toronto, use the following tips to help you differentiate between a true vintage piece and a recently made look-alike.

  • Look at the JoineryTake a look at the drawers of the furniture piece. You should see dovetail joints, which are an indication that the piece was made by hand. Machine-cut furniture began hitting the market in 1860, so if you do not see the dovetail joints, you may be purchasing a vintage knock-off.
  • Look for Nicks Handmade wooden furniture is never perfect. While it still has excellent craftsmanship, you will see nicks and cuts that are made from tools. Again, this indicates the piece is handmade and not machine-cut.

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  • Test the Finish Shellac was commonly used on older fine furniture pieces. You can test an inconspicuous spot using denatured alcohol. If it dissolves, then the piece is covered in shellac.
  • Wood Type True vintage furniture in Toronto, like those found at Carrocel luxury furniture store, will be made from oak, especially if it was made prior to 1700. From 1700 and on, mahogany and walnut were used for fine furniture. If the piece came from USA, it may be made from pine.

Where You Buy Vintage Furniture Matters Too

As a true retailer of fine furniture, Carrocel luxury furniture store would never sell a vintage knockoff. Instead, we know what a genuine vintage piece is and will only advertise it as such. Carrocel is a reputable retailer of fine furniture in Toronto. From our restorations to the fine selection of antique furniture, we carry only the best pieces for your home.

For a wide range of unique and genuine vintage furniture in Toronto, please visit our showroom today or call us at 416-999-2525.

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