How to Design a Luxurious Dining Room

Important Factors When Choosing Dining Room Furniture for Your Toronto Home

Carrocel Custom Modern Walnut Mirrored Sideboard BuffetWhether you use your dining room on a daily basis or reserve it for special occasions and/or entertaining guests, it is realistically safe to say that this space is a focal point for socializing and conversation in your home.  It affords the opportunity for family members to talk about the day ahead or just concluded while sharing a meal, as well as a setting to produce lasting memories in the company of friends.

How to Design a Luxurious Dining RoomHowever, if a dining room is uncomfortable, crowded with furniture, and/or dark and dim, it often has the opposite effect; people tend to use the room sparingly and for short periods of time, if not making excuses to avoid using it altogether.  But because there is a special aura about taking meals and entertaining in a dining room, efforts should be made to encourage rather than discourage its use.

Carrocel Kenzo Console in GreyThis means more than just changing meal menus and dessert recipes; it could often mean assessing the overall experience, from usage needs/preferences to the style of dining room furniture to the ambience of the room, to create an inviting space for your Toronto home.  To that end, the dining room furniture specialists at our Carrocel furniture store in Toronto offer the following insights on how to design a comfortable and luxurious dining room.

Considerations – Dining Room Furniture

While the dining room may be the focal point of your home, it is the dining table that is the focal point of this room.  Based on the primary purpose of the room, its floor space, and the number of people who would typically occupy the room at any given time, your dining table can range in size as well as:

  • Shape – oval, round, square, rectangular
  • Construction – wood, glass and chrome, marble
  • Colour (dark or light) and finish (glossy or matte)

Some of these options might be available or excluded depending on your preferred style of furniture, e.g. contemporary, mid-century modern, vintage, or rustic.  Fortunately, for those instances where your optimal choice may not be immediately available, the custom furniture designers and skilled artisans in our Carrocel store can fashion dining tables or sets to meet our customers’ precise needs.

designing a luxurious dining roomOf course, another key aspect to designing a luxurious dining room is your choice of chairs; in addition to their look and appeal, dining chairs must offer the level of comfort needed for guests to remain seated for extended periods of time (picture those uncomfortable seats in Toronto fast food establishments that literally make you want to eat and run).

Dining chairs should respect the size/scale of the room and the table without compromising the comfort and the intimacy of your guests.  Seat height, width, and depth must be taken into consideration and the choice of fabric must agree with your décor and frequency of use.

Deco Style Roll Back Dining ChairsOnce again, if you just cannot find the right chairs to complement your space, dining table, and customary number of guests, you have the option of consulting with our designers and artisans on the creation of custom dining room chairs.  Carrocel has a selection of frames for custom chairs on hand in our store; you choose the wood finish and type of upholstery (fabric or leather) to suit your tastes and our team will take care of the rest.  Please keep in mind that we are not able to change the dimensions of these custom chair frames or to offer other choices of wood than those in stock.

Considerations – Dining Room Accessories

Whether produced by a manufacturer or custom-made by our Carrocel artisans, the dining room table and chairs are indeed the key elements in any dining set.  However, it is often the accompanying pieces and accessories that make the ultimate contributions to the feel of that space; these pieces and accessories can include:

  • Buffets
  • Consoles
  • Sideboards
  • Lamps/Lighting
  • Area Rugs and Art

Carrocel has an impressive collection of these accessories on display in our 20,000 square-foot showroom, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near Yorkdale Mall in Toronto.  By visiting our showroom, you can gain ideas and inspirations for the accessories that will complement your new or custom dining room table and chairs by browsing our inventory and consulting with one of our furniture specialists.

To preview the exquisite inventory of dining room furniture and accessories now on display in our showroom, please see our luxury home accents page.

If you are looking to revitalize or upgrade the look and comfort of your dining room, call the fine furniture experts at Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to request your no-obligation consultation.  And take advantage of your open invitation to see our selection of fine furniture, including vintage dining sets and custom dining room tables and chairs, by visiting our 20,000 square-foot furniture showroom at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto.

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