The Secrets to Buying Luxury Furniture

When viewing luxury items, you may wonder whether or not there are any things you should know before making a purchase. These pieces are often a big investment, and as such do require some additional considerations when compared to buying mass-produced items. However, they are often one of a kind, unique pieces that can’t simply be sourced from a retailer’s catalogue or found on the showroom floor of big box stores.

There items will serve as a true statement piece in your home and become furniture that your friends envy. We have put together a list of some helpful tips to think about when you’re in the market for luxury pieces.

Buying Guide

  • Buy What You Love – Whatever it is you’re purchasing, if it’s something you love you’ll never regret it. Invest in a piece that you will be happy to see in your home every day.
  • Comfort Is Essential – If you’re choosing seating options, be sure that they are as comfortable as they are beautiful. It is certainly worth the investment to make sure that your furniture items are well constructed, allowing them to be comfortable for those sitting on them.
  • Buy What You Can Afford – Purchase the best items you can within your budget. However, don’t be afraid to splurge on certain items that you really love or that are well-crafted.
  • Select Timeless Designs – When you select timeless pieces, they will always remain in style. As opposed to modern or trendy items which may fall out of fashion, timeless designs will always look great.

Questions to Keep in Mind

  • Is the wood solid?
  • Are the joints flush?
  • For items with drawers, how smoothly do they slide?
  • Are the chair frames and dowels made of solid wood?
  • If the piece is upholstered, how are the springs and supports?
  • Is the tailoring consistent?

Purchase Luxury Furniture with Confidence at Carrocel

If you’re looking at pieces to bring luxury into your home, Carrocel is an excellent choice. Our 20,000 square-foot showroom contains many luxurious options to suit your tastes and style. Visit our location at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in central Toronto to see them for yourself.

Carrocel Custom Serpentine Modern Styled Marble Top Sideboard Buffet

  • The Secrets to Buying Luxury FurnitureCustom Calacatta Paonozza stone top
  • Flowing curved designs on geometric gold leaf bases
  • Carrocel Custom Serpentine Modern Styled Marble Top Sideboard Buffet

Set of 8 Carrocel Custom Grey Pleated Dining Chairs

  • The Secrets to Buying Luxury FurnitureLight silvery grey fabric and black finished wood legs
  • Customizable. Inquire about finishing and fabric pricing
  • Set of 8 Carrocel Custom Grey Pleated Dining Chairs

Carrocel Custom Walnut Dining Table with Polished Metal Inlay Detail & Curved Base

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