The Difference Between Upcycling, Recycling, And Antique Refinishing

Preserve Sentiment And Value With Professional Antique Restorations

Quality antique restorations can give worn out furniture a new lease on life. Concern for the environment and sentimental attachment for heritage items is causing more people to think about how they can salvage vintage items rather than dispose of them in the landfill. One environmentally-friendly trend that has caught on is the upcycling of old-fashioned items.

What Is The Difference Between Upcycling, Recycling And Antique Refinishing?

Upcycling involves taking an item that is no longer needed or wanted and giving it new life as something that is either useful or creative. Many people consider this to be a form of recycling, which involves breaking down the item and using the materials to create something else. Others disagree saying that upcycling involves creativity which is not necessarily the case with recycling.

Not everyone is comfortable with upcycling vintage items. For one, it devalues the item. Antique refinishing is a better option. Here are the top benefits of refinishing your antique items:

  • It refreshes the look of the item
  • Preserves value
  • Reduces household costs with regard to the purchase of new items
  • Reduces the number of items going to the landfill

While people often purchase antiques for decorative purposes, many antiques also have investment value. Antique refinishing enables you to enjoy the item while also protecting your returns. Find a reliable antique refinishing service so that you can treasure your prized possessions for years to come.

At Carrocel Restorations, we believe that every piece of antique furniture is unique and has its own specific requirements for restoration and refinishing. Our master artisans do more than restore; they revitalize your vintage furniture using the knowledge and expertise that helps them understand each piece and what it takes to bring out its beauty and strength.

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