How To Boost The Value And Maximize Profit With Your Antique Chairs

Your Antique Chairs And Vintage Furniture Can Fetch Top Dollar!

There is no doubt that antique chairs and other types of vintage furniture can fetch you good returns. Remember however, that the selling price is determined by a number of factors including market conditions and the demand for your piece at the time of sale. Here are 10 tips from the experts at Carrocel Restorations to help you get optimal returns.

  1. Buy from established vintage furniture dealers: Association memberships are a good way to determine their credibility.
  2. Invest in things you like: Whether you choose antique chairs or other types of vintage furniture, you should be happy to have them in your home. Financial value is a bonus. Remember that market and tastes change over time, so something that is not valuable now may become so in the future, and vice versa.
  3. Look for original ‘untouched’ furniture: Try to avoid antiques that have been restored as this impacts value. If you are buying items with glass, for instance, look out for signs of over-polishing or damage.
  4. Choose rare items: They are usually more valuable. Antique chairs, tables or desks with an unusual shape or unique craftsmanship are more likely to fetch a better price. They will become the conversation piece in your home as well as generate more interest at the time of sale.
  5. Beware of fakes: Ask for a certificate of authenticity or get the piece of vintage furniture valued by a professional. Listen to your instincts if you suspect a piece may be fake.
  6. Watch out for signs of restoration: Professional restorers use clever techniques to repair antique chairs (and other items) which can easily go unnoticed by the untrained eye. A simple way to determine if the vintage furniture has been touched up is to look for use of machinery or tools not available when the piece was made e.g. bandsaw blade marks.
  7. Factor in auction costs: If you buy antiques at an auction house, you will need to pay a “buyer’s premium” on top of the cost of the item you have bought. This will be a percentage of the final hammer price.
  8. Insure your collection: Insure any antiques you buy. Keep an up-to-date valuation of the items insured. Insurers may require evidence of a valuation (especially for particularly high-value items) before they provide coverage.
  9. Treat your vintage furniture well: If it needs to be repaired or restored, get a professional to do it. This will ensure that it is done correctly and without damaging or devaluing the item.
  10. Set the sale price carefully: Do not aim too high or too low. Consider market conditions, current demand for the item and availability before you set the price.

If you are interested in getting your antique chairs and other vintage furniture appraised or sold, contact us today or give us a call at 416-999-2525.

Carrocel Restorations is a recognized source for antique chairs and other types of vintage furniture. We can provide you with an accurate assessment of value. Whether you are looking to buy or sell antiques you will have peace of mind knowing you got a real deal. Come visit our large showroom in Toronto. We also offer expert repair and refinishing services to help maintain the value of your investments.

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