Exotic Living Room Inspirations from Morocco

Furniture Reupholstery Can Give You the Custom Look

Moroccan Style BedroomFallen in love with the Moroccan look? With the right living room furniture and accessories, you can easily transform your home to show off this desired look. Come to the Carrocel fine furniture showroom for expert decorating advice and some truly unique pieces of furniture. We can show you how to capture that vibrant and exotic look. You can also take advantage of our expert furniture reupholstery service for a quick and stylish makeover.

5 Tips on Decorating Your Living Room in a Moroccan Style

Moroccan living room décor is rich, vibrant and mystical. Here are some tips from the decorating experts at Carrocel to help you achieve the style that you want.

  • Pick a vibrant background colour. Deep reds, warm yellows or burnt orange are a classic choice. If these are too bright for you, just fire up an accent wall.
  • Add beautifully carved, wooden living room furniture. You want to think rich, opulent, preferably with Middle-Eastern flair and brightly-coloured upholstery. Also consider a few plush pillows for floor seating.
  • Pamper yourself with trendy accessories: From drapes to cushions, pillows and rugs, you want to achieve a dreamy and comfortable look. Caution: Your guests may not want to leave!
  • Opt for contrasting patterns: The Moroccan style is heavy with ornate textures.  However, this can become overwhelming after some time. To be safe, contrast patterned accessories with solid colours, as it will help balance the eye.
  • Select sculptured lighting. It’s all about the detail, so pay attention to the design and form of your lighting. Chandeliers, table lamps or wall sconces are all heavily imbued with carved details and finishes of silver or gold.

Come to the Carrocel fine furniture store for exotic living room furniture and expert home decorating advice. Our exciting displays also offer plenty of design ideas. Many of our customers rely on our furniture reupholstery services to transform the look of existing pieces in their home.

Moroccan-Inspired Living Room Furniture and Reupholstery Service

Moroccan Style PillowsAt Carrocel Fine Furniture, you will find plenty of ways to recreate the style that you want. For over 30 years, we have provided the finest living room furniture and reupholstery service for customers in Toronto and around the world. We do not merely recover furniture but also ensure that each and every reupholstered piece is revitalized from its foundation. Our attention to detail and unwavering commitment to providing you with the highest quality is what sets us apart. Our clients enjoy unique items from around the world plus exceptional service on every visit.

Let us find ways to customize your space with furniture that truly reflects your personality and taste.

Call 416-999-2525 to speak to our furniture experts today or contact us online to arrange a free consultation.

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